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International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

FIATA, a non-governmental organisation, represents today an industry covering approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms, also known as the "Architects of Transport", employing around 8 - 10 million people in 150 countries.

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Misuse of the FIATA Logo

The FIATA logo is part of the patrimony of FIATA members and it has great value within our industry......


FIATA Documents

FIATA has created several documents and forms to establish a uniform standard for use by freight forwarders worldwide. The documents are .....



  • FIATA World Congress 2015 Taipei/Chinese Taipei

    FIATA World Congress 2015

    Our FWC in 2015 will take place on 8th – 13th September 2015 in Taipei, Chinese Taipei


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FIATA has different categories of members: