Membership Benefits

FIATA membership certificate

All members receive a membership certificate when joining FIATA.

Only perspective Individual Members whose applications are endorsed by the Association Member in their specific countries can be admitted to FIATA - except if an Association Member does not exist. This indirectly ensures the regularity of the application and it is a strong indication that the company operates according to the applicable legal requirements and it naturally inclined to maintain a compliant behaviour. This is one of the elements that may compose the business reputation of a company and has a recognized value in public; it could also be a decisive element when a customer has to choose between a certain number of competitors in contracts and/or procurement allocations.

FIATA logo use

The FIATA logo is a protected trademark. Members are allowed to display the FIATA logo on their office signboards and company vehicles, and to print the logo on their company stationery (but not on transport documents). 

FIATA member directory

The member’s name and address is published in the FIATA members directory on the FIATA website. This is continuously updated and can be freely consulted. Additionally, Individual Members can advertise their services at discounted prices in the FIATA members directory to increase their visibility.

FIATA news

Members receive print copies of the FIATA Review upon joining. The magazine presents a global outlook on transport and logistics developments, as well as the latest news from the FIATA head office and its members, and is published quarterly. Members can also sign up to receive the FIATA e-Flash. The electronic newsletter reports on FIATA's work and activities and is published every two weeks.

Networking opportunities

A dedicated session during the FIATA World Congress multiplies commercial opportunities and all members are invited to participate in the HQ Meeting in March. 

FIATA head office assistance

While FIATA does not offer legal advice, members can contact the FIATA head office with questions. These will be reviewed with the relevant experts to help provide guidance to members.

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