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Generic Antabuse - an agent for treating alcoholism, which operates the same way as other encoding methods drug. The active ingredient in the composition of the drug - disulfiram.

How does Antabuse?
Disulfiram, which is the active substance in the composition of Antabuse blocks the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase - a liver enzyme that cleanses the body of toxic decay product of ethanol - acetaldehyde.

As a result, a toxic substance (from which the effects of the way, related to the emergence of a hangover) is not removed from the body and accumulate in large amounts. Man begins to bother the painful symptoms. It's like a hangover, but many times worse.

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If alcohol was made quite a lot, you can develop more serious disorders: visual disturbances, hearing loss, convulsions, respiratory failure. Theoretically, the patient may die. He told all of this and the "friends" with the possible discomfort during the trial.

The method, as well as any medical coding, designed for you to develop a patient fear and aversion to alcohol.

Antabuse: manual. How and when the drug is used? What is the dosage? This means for coding is used in two forms: Antabuse tablets; Antabuse gel.
The drug in tablets the patient needs to take the time. Initially, the doctor prescribes Antabuse scheme by 200-500 mg 1-2 times a day. The patient is periodically to the doctor to conduct a sample: after taking disulfiram solution allow to drink 20-30 mg of vodka. If the reaction is weak, then increase the dose.

After completing the course the patient must take Antabuse at a dose of 150-200 mg per day for 3 years. Antabuse gel is injected intramuscularly. This is a common encoding, the terms of which may be different. A method of encoding always chooses the psychiatrist after a conversation with a patient - a doctor will be able to say exactly what procedure is most effective. Where To Buy Antabuse (Disulfiram)? Buy Antabuse can be expensive in many pharmacies or order over the Internet. Offers a lot. If you decide to find this drug for sale, then no problem.

Antabuse: reviews

Below we have collected feedback on Antabuse from forums and other sources:
Max, 32 years old:
"At first I thought that all this nonsense, and no consequences will be. Taking pills, drank a bottle of beer. Flushed face, the pressure rose to 200/120, laid ears. Now it is not a big risk -> purchase antabuse online UK !"
Tony, 31 years old:
"I started taking Antabuse tablets. Not drinking about a couple of months. Then I longed, took about 50 grams of vodka. It felt like if drank a liter. Raise the pressure, headache, vomiting became strongly. Who is afraid to even look at the shelves of alcohol. "