FIATA is structured into Institutes, Advisory Bodies, and Working Groups each in their turn dealing with every aspect that affects the international movement of freight.

The Institutes, which usually meet twice per year, carry out the technical work of the Federation. Currently FIATA has three, namely the

  • Airfreight Institute (AFI) details
  • Customs Affairs Institute (CAI) details
  • Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI) details

Some of the Institutes have some permanent Working Groups; e.g. the MTI has three for Sea, Rail and Road Transport, and the AFI one for IATA matters. Working Groups report to their respective Institutes and meet according to necessity.


For matters that affect the whole of the freight forwarding industry there are five Advisory Bodies:

  • Advisory Body of International Affairs (ABIA) details
  • Advisory Body of Information Technology (ABIT) details
  • Advisory Body Legal Matters (ABLM) details
  • Advisory Body Safety and Security (ABSS) details
  • Advisory Body Vocational Training (ABVT) details

They co-operate with the Institutes and Working Groups, if required, and meet according to necessity.


Regional Meetings

FIATA Association members are divided into 4 regions worldwide. These are:

  • Africa/Middle East

  • Americas

  • Asia/Pacific

  • Europe


The primary target of the Regional Meetings is to bring forward the regional issues, and if necessary submit them to the Institutes and technical bodies of FIATA. The intention being to identify and assist regional members in solving their local industry problems. Another important objective is....more

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