FIATA E-Flash Nbr 1 - 15 September 2009

Dear Members,

With the Geneva World Congress only a week away, FIATA wishes to introduce our newest communication vehicle, FIATA E-Flash.

On a regular basis, our members both Association and Individual will receive a FIATA E-Flash via e-mail providing timely information on issues of general importance to our industry, including association activities and events. Keeping in mind the value of our members' time, we will attempt to keep our FIATA E-Flash short and to the point, providing "links" to more details, should you find the subject of particular interst.

As the "Global Voice of Freight Logistics" we feel FIATA E-Flash will allow us to keep our membership better informed and our members to be more proactive on industry issues that affect them.

Lookin forward to seeing you in Geneva!

William M. Gottlieb

FIATA President

FIATA World Congress 2009 in Geneva

It's not too late yet to registere for the FIATA World Congress 2009 on 21-25 September in Geneva, Switzerland! Highlights will be the Main Forum "Emergency case: how are International Organizations acting" with key-note speakers from the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Red Cross, and the Untied Nations Headquarters for Refuges (UNHCR), as well as the Regional Meetings where local industry problems will be discussed.

Only registered participants will receive a message with an access code for the online "one-to-One Networking". You can choose any of the registered participants for a first 1/2 hour meeting to explore new business opportunities!

For more information and registration visit or contact the FIATA Secretariat.

FIATA recommends managing NAWB stocks in anticipation of possible revisions

On August 2009, IATA informed its member airlines that there would very likely be an increase of the liability limit for transportation subject to the Montreal Convention (1999). Article 24 of the Montreal Convention provides that the limits of liability are to be reviewed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) at five-year intervals. The liability limit would increase from Special Drawing Rights (SDR) 17 to SDR 19/kg as from January, 2010.

FIATA and several association members were only informed by IATA on September 4, 2009 by copy of an e-mail addresed to their airline members. Such an increase of liability will make it necessary modify the text of the conditions of contract on the reserve side of the AWB. As a consequence we might not be able to use the present AWB forms as from January, 2010. IATA legal department is assessing a possible solution that would permit to continue using this stock, but in the meantime we strongly recommend keeping your AWB stock to the minimum until this matter is clarified.

FIATA US Group Bond Programme

The FIATA Group Bond allows FIATA members to meet the FMC's requirements for companies shipping cargo to and from the United States on their house ocean bill of lading. Our Partner Avalon provides the required NVOCC bond without having to post collateral or put participants through a rigorous underwriting process - and that at very competitive premiums.

Ther is only one FIAT Group Bond Programme: though the partnership of FIATA and AVAlon Risk Management Inc., based in the United States.

For further information contact fiatabond(at) or visit

Federation of Freight Forwarders Association of India (FFFAI) to host a "Train-the-Trainer" (TOT) program

The Chairman of the FIATA Advisory Body Vocational Training, Mr Thomas Sim, was invited by FFFAI to deliver a "Train-the-Trainer" programme between 17 - 21 August in Mumbai/India. With this course FFFAI is endeavouring to strenghten local training, based on validated FIATA training materials.

FFFAI started with training initiatives in 2005.

Revised Kyoto Convention surpasses the original Convention 1973

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia becomes the 64th Contracting Party to the WCO International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures which entered into force on 3rd February, 2006. The Convention now has 64 Contracting Parties.

More information is available on

15 September 2009

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