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FIATA brochures “Model Correspondents’ Agreement” and “Documents and Forms”

We are happy to inform you that the updated versions of our publications “Documents and Forms” (taking the new UCP 600 into consideration) and “Correspondents’ Agreement” are soon available and will be for sale at the forthcoming FIATA World Congress 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. Please visit the FIATA booth and get your own copy.

Joint UIC/FIATA Market Place Seminar in Barcelona, Spain from 2-3 November 2010

The market place seminar is a platform which aims to create opportunities for increased cooperation and business development within the rail sector by offering a common platform for railway undertakings, freight forwarders and customers and it is jointly organised by FIATA and UIC

This year the seminar will be organised in Barcelona and it will focus on “Rail Freight Connections between Europe and the Iberian Peninsula”.

For further information please visit http://www.marketplaceseminar.org/

100% screening of cargo on domestic and US outbound international passenger planes became mandatory August 1

FIATA received first hand information from Mr. Brandon Fried, Executive Director of US Airforwarders Association (AFA) about how the first weeks worked out for the US Airfreight Forwarders.

In a recent poll taken by the AFA, most responding members categorized the first weeks under 100% screening as a virtual transparent event similar to the Y2K concerns at the turn-of-the-century. 96% reported no issues whatsoever with only scattered problems considered to be minor start-up glitches.

Over half of the forwarders responding to the survey feel quite satisfied that the industry has things well in hand as we near the peak fall shipping season. Almost 40% indicate a certain degree of worry but cautious optimism with the industry's ability to handle the cargo-screening mandate. Many feel the program is off to a good start thanks to an aggressive outreach program sponsored by TSA throughout the last year. This resulted in over 1000 entities participating in the Certified Cargo Screening Program. The initiative permits those enrolled to screen freight away from the airport thereby reducing the possibility of congestion resulting in shipping delays.

However, despite the relatively easy beginning of the full screening of freight on passenger planes, some in the U.S. Congress remain concerned about the screening of shipments arriving in the United States from other countries. This requirement is also part of the mandate but remains largely unfulfilled as TSA continues working with foreign nations in recognizing their cargo screening programs. The agency recently reported to Congress that full screening of shipments bound for the United States might not become a reality until 2013. As the US struggles to emerge from its economic recession, air cargo volumes are expected to significantly increase this fall. The upsurge may prove to be a decisive test for the industry's ability to handle the screening challenge. However, as in the time preceding Y2K, airfreight forwarders in the United States had three years to prepare and are ready to successfully manage the requirement.

How to identify a FIATA Individual Member?

It happens from time to time that FIATA receives complaints from freight forwarding companies who have a (financial) dispute with another freight forwarder with whom they have entered into business connection, but do not get paid as agreed. In some cases the new “partners” have claimed to be Individual members of FIATA by showing the FIATA logo on their website.

We therefore strongly recommend you to very on the FIATA website if the company you intend to work with is really a FIATA Individual member: visit www.fiata.com and click on > Membership > Individual Members > Members directory. All our Individual members are listed in the Members Directory which is updated once a week!

Big demand for re-Validation of Training Programs

One of the key tasks of the FIATA Advisory Body Vocational Training (ABVT) is to ensure a high level of professionalism and up to date knowledge in our industry. FIATA therefore validates and re-validates training programs of its Association Members. Associations are invited to come forward during the main FIATA events (HQ Session and Word Congress) to submit their training courses for validation or re-validation. Programs have to be presented for re-validation in intervals of four years. Training documents must be sent in for examination 60 days prior to the Validation Session and representatives, familiar with the training must attend the Validation Session. This year ABVT at the Bangkok Congress 2010, a record-breaking attendance of nine Associations are coming forward mainly for re-validations.

Out of a total of 109 FIATA Association Members nearly half of them have validated programs. These programs, based on the "FIATA Minimum Standards" are touching on general forwarding knowledge, sea-, air-, road-, rail- and multimodal transport, as well as inland waterways, insurance, customs, warehousing, freight logistics, security/safety and IT in forwarding. They are truly international, and lead to the renowned, industry recognized FIATA Diploma.

WTO – co-operation with FIATA

If WTO is holding a meeting in a country where a FIATA Association exists (and the meeting is open for NGOs), the relevant FIATA Association Member is in future allowed to attend the meeting on behalf of FIATA. However FIATA or its Association members will not have voting rights as this is limited to WTO member countries only. Relevant future invitations will be co-ordinated and distributed by the FIATA Secretariat.

26 August 2010

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