E-Flash No 32 - 23 September 2011

New FIATA Director General has been selected

The FIATA Presidency has selected Marco L. Sorgetti to fill the post of Director General at FIATA. As of 1st January 2012, he will succeed Marco A. Sangaletti who has successfully managed the FIATA Secretariat for almost 15 years and goes into retirement by the end of 2011.

Marco L. Sorgetti is at present the Director General of CLECAT, FIATA’s sister organization for Europe. FIATA welcomes Marco L. Sorgetti to the Secretariat and we look forward to his insight and experiences in the freight forwarding industry.

World Congress 2011 News: VISA on Entry Regulations

Citizens from the following countries are to acquire visas upon entry into Egypt which are valid for one month. Please be aware that for a stay exceeding one month visas should be arranged beforehand.

Region/Countries in which VISA is issued upon Entry:

  • North and South America
  • Europe
  • Gulf countries
  • Australia
  • Sudan: Sudanese coming from countries other than Sudan having residency permit in that country, Ladies, children and men over 50 years must acquire visas before travel.

Region/Countries in which VISA must be arranged prior to travel:

  • Countries that seceded from Yugoslavia
  • Countries that seceded from Russian federation
  • Turkey, citizens who fall in the age range between 25 years to 45 years
  • Far Eastern Asian countries
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Lebanon, ages 18 years to 50 years
  • African countries

FIATA encourages all World Congress participants to be aware of VISA regulations and have their VISA arranged prio to travel if necessary.

FIATA and UN/CEFACT working together improve EDI Standards

UN CEFACT is a division of the United Nations that sets standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) in international trade. There are various task groups that used to be split according to the area of trade, for example Healthcare or Environmental. The FIATA ad hoc Working Group Information Technologies used to be closely involved with working groups TBG 3 Transport and TBG 15 International Trade Procedures. FIATA is actively involved in contributing to pioneering work which help users implement standards.

There has recently been a re-organisation in UN/CEFACT. FIATA was invited to a meeting held on 20 September with other International Transport Organisations (IATA, UIC, etc.) to discuss these recent changes. FIATA was represented by Mr. Robert Keen (BIFA, UK) Chairman of the joint CLECAT FIATA ITEL Group. FIATA wishes to continue to be part of any on-going dialogue and to contribute to the UN standards.

A Brief Summary of the International Transport Forum (ITF) Statistics

Overall, the ITF study discovered that Freight volumes indicated a macroeconomic slowdown throughout the second quarter. External trade by sea in the EU-27 and the USA stabilized below pre-crisis levels (-3% and -4%) while trade by air declined in EU (falling from 15% to 9% above pre-crisis).

The dependence on Asia-led global growth was revealed. Both US and EU-27 exports by sea to Asia have declined since Feb-11. Trade by air with China declined both for the USA and the EU-27, possibly indicating a slowdown in demand from the world’s engine of recovery. For more information on the ITF’s study, please visit: http://www.internationaltransportforum.org/statistics/statbriefs.html

FIATA Association Member in Indonesian opting to change their name

Please be aware that the Indonesian Forwarders Associations (INFA) has decided to change their name to the Indonesian Logistics Forwarders Association (ILFA).

Welcome to the Market Place Seminar, organized by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and the International Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations (FIATA).

This fourth edition Market Place Seminar follows on the success of past seminars. The Seminar will be held in Hamburg, Germany at the Hotel Hafen on 27-28 October. The Seminar will bring together railway undertakings, forwarders and clients on the same platform, creating a unique opportunity for increased cooperation and business development within the railway sector.

This year the seminar will focus on rail hinterland transport and efficient connections to the world. Come and join the discussions, we look forward to meeting you during our seminar. For more information regarding the overview of the seminar please visit: http://www.marketplaceseminar.org/Introduction.html

23 September 2011

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