E-Flash No 35 - 7 November 2011

New FIATA President appointed at the 2011 FIATA World Congress

FIATA congratulates and welcomes its new President, Mr Stanley Lim Hwee Hong, who has been serving FIATA since 1995. Delegates from the General Meeting held on 21st of October, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt elected Mr Stanley Lim Hwee Hong from Singapore to serve two terms as FIATA’s new President.

The FIATA Presidency is now composed of President Stanley Lim Hwee Hong, Immediate Past President Jean-Claude Delen (Belgium), Treasurer William Gottlieb (Canada), Secretary General Heiner Rogge (Germany) and three Senior Vice Presidents Dr Francesco Parisi (Italy), Suwit Ratanachinda (Thailand) and Babar Badat (Pakistan).

A look inside the 2011 FIATA World Congress held in Cairo, Egypt

FIATA would like to thank and congratulate the organizers, the Egypt International Freight Forwarders Associations, for hosting a tremendous Congress. The FIATA World Congress hosted 433 active participants, 50 accompanied individuals and 34 VIPs.

Amongst the VIP members was the Minister of Industry & Trade Dr Mahmoud Eissa speaking on behalf of the Egyptian Prime Minister. More VIPs include Mr Ahmed ElWakil, Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, Mr Hassan Rashed, Chairman of Egyptian Civil Aviation on Holding Company, Mr Nagy Salah, Head of Egyptian Civil Aviation Holding Company, Mr Dominik Furgler, Swiss Ambassador to Egypt and many more.

Berlin, Germany selected to host the 2014 FIATA World Congress

FIATA congratulates Deutscher Speditions und Logistikverband (DSLV) for winning its bid to host the 2014 FIATA World Congress in Berlin, Germany. President Mathias Krange put forth an excellent bid highlighting key events and extravagant venues to be experienced in Berlin, Germany.

After extensively analyzing all bids, the extended board concluded and selected Berlin, Germany as the hosts of the 2014 FIATA World Congress. FIATA is looking forward to a great Congress held in Berlin.

Validated and Re-validated Training Programs at the 2011 FIATA World Congress in Cairo, Egypt

On 15 and 16 October the Validation Committee of the Advisory Body Vocational Training (ABVT) successfully validated or re-validated the Training Programmes of the following Association Members:

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan International Logistics & Supply Chain Association –TILSCA), Estonia (Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association – ELFA), Ethiopia (Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association – EFFSAA), Malaysia (Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders – FMFF) and Pakistan (Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association – PIFFA)

ABVT would like to specially mention the new applications for validation submitted by Ethiopia and Malaysia, and is particularly pleased to see that Ethiopia came forward after having benefited from “Train-the-Trainer” course delivered by the FIATA Foundation in 2010. The Training Body of FIATA is happy to welcome these two Associations in the community of Associations providing professional education.

PIFFA Pakistan (Northern Region, Lahore) was also a receiver of a joint “Train-the-Trainer” (UNCTAD-FIATA) course earlier this year. The Lahore Branch of PIFFA has well prepared and updated training material for the entire nation of Pakistan.

Main Forum: FIATA and ICAO collaborate to ensure the Safety of Civil Aviation

The Main Forum at the FIATA World Congress 2011 in Cairo provided some 780 delegates an overview of the new collaboration between FIATA and ICAO – the International Civil Aviation Organization, to ensure the Safety of Civil Aviation.

ICAO was represented by Mr Mitch Fox, Chief Flight Operations whose key note speech touched upon secure and efficient international aviation, which each ICAO’s member state is required to promote and implement by adopting the appropriate regulatory framework. Mr Fox highlighted the Dangerous Goods Program’s ability to develop competency frameworks for state employees, shippers and freight forwarders. With the support of FIATA, Mr Fox is confident that the newly launched ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air training programme will quickly become the industry standard.

Mr Bill Gottlieb moderator of the Opening Forum and Immediate Past President of FIATA stated “ICAO and FIATA have agreed to base the ICAO FIATA courses on the ICAO Technical Instructions, which is the legal framework for all dangerous goods regulations. I am proud that FIATA and ICAO have concluded this important collaboration.”

The programme will assist freight forwarders in complying with the broad principles governing the international transport of dangerous goods, both regulatory and cargo acceptance. Mr Gottlieb h3ly encouraged all FIATA members to support this new training option, and the internationally-recognized ICAO FIATA certificate.

CIFFA, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, has become the first member training institution to offer the new ICAO FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Programme, and several more training facilities will be announced in the coming weeks.

The forum also offered more insights and practical information on compliance with safety and security in presentations given by local, regional and international experts.

AFI - Airfreight Institute

In the AFI meeting, chaired by Mr Rodolfo Sage, Mr John O’Connell of BIFA, UK, advised of a bulletin issued by IATA CASS Service Center Europe regarding’s IATA Industry Settlement Systems and zero tolerance policy. He stated IATA failed to respect a decision taken by the European Air Cargo Programme Joint-Council (EACP-JC) of last May stating “any bank guarantee received as a result of the Cargo Industry Credit Scheme would be released to the intermediaries”. Instead, the Service center now claims, without any authority to do so, that “In addition, a financial review will also be performed in order to determine if a currently held Bank Guarantee can be returned to an intermediary”. This matter is now under discussion with IATA.

The session furthermore received Mr Gottlieb’s updates on the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG) in establishing task forces to focus on Security, e-Commerce, Facilitation and Sustainability. The session also focused on ICAO FIATA Dangerous Goods Training Programme and FIATA/ICAO’s role as a facilitator.

CAI - Customs Affairs Institute

The meeting recapped work done by CAI over the past 6 months. Such work included World Custom Organisations (WCO) matter in particular the Revised Kyoto convention and changes to the Harmonized System (HS) effective 1st January 2012.

More WCO matters discussed referred to Globally Networked Customs, concepts and alignments of Cargo Reporting Time Frames between WCO members. The meeting also noted positive work undertaken by the Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG).

MTI - Multimodal Transport Institute

The Multimodal Transport Institute meeting, chaired by Mr Chris Gillespie, focused on various topics. Such topics include the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) legislation in which the working group remained concerned that there is a restriction within the USA stopping so called non asset based companies from joining the scheme.

The topic of weighing containers was also discussed by the WG Sea which informed the delegates that an international legal requirement was suggested by the International Maritime Organisation.

ABDG - Advisory Body Dangerous Goods

Chairman Mr Frank Huster (DSLV, Germany) coordinated a meeting which examined regulations on DG Transports by land mode, ADR (road), RID (rail), sea mode (IMDG Code) and air (ICAO TI). Participants were informed of 2011 updates regarding these regulations. The meeting ended with a presentation from Prof. Mohammed M. Mehrem on “The Management of Dangerous Goods Operation in Egyptian Ports”.

ABLM – Advisory Body Legal Matters

The ABLM meeting began with Michael McDaniel, attorney for UPS, reviewing the recent US appeals court decision to overturn eight years of settled law and holding the Montreal convention’s two year limitation period for air cargo which does not apply to forwarder’s claims.

ABLM’s Chairman, Richard Gluck, emphasized that the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has announced forwarders to conduct enhanced due diligence in order to avoid doing business with any entity on OFAC’s prohibited list.

ABSM - Advisory Body Security Matters

The ABSM Chairman, Mr David Fielder, chaired a meeting which discussed the following updates on security issues. In Australia, the new Regulatory Shipper voluntary compliance program should be in operation by September 2013 to meet US TSA requirements of 100% piece level screening.

In Indonesia, the current situation of the government mandating 100% cargo inspection is an on-going issue. In Hong Kong, off airport screening is still under trials. In the Middle East, the previous sea/air efficiency of Dubai is being challenged by delays. In Europe, the new regulation EC 859 was discussed and comes in force on Feb 1st, 2012.

ABVT – Advisory Body Vocational Training

The meeting, chaired by Mr Thomas Sim (SLA, Singapore), touched on numerous subjects beginning with Mr Ivan Liptuga, Deputy Chairman ABVT, focussing on general activities of ABVT, Regional Training Centres and planned cooperation on training with international organisations. Updates were given on the “Train-the-Trainer” Courses, the FIATA Higher Diploma (FHDSCM) and Trainer Certification. The President of the FIATA Foundation, Mr Aldo Da Ros reported on the joint FIATA-UNCTAD-PIFFA Project in Northern Pakistan Lahore and on plans to cooperate with FIATA’s Regional Training Centres on “Train-the-Trainer” courses.

Greater detail regarding all the meetings from 2011 FIATA World Congress held in Cairo, Egypt will be available to you in our upcoming FIATA Review.

7 November 2011

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