E-Flash No 76 - 10 June 2014

China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) Regulation effective June 28th 2014

Be aware that the enforcement of China 24-hour Advance Manifest Rule in Shanghai as a pilot will be in effect starting June 28th 2014. Though the China 24 hour rule was first introduced and the official trial run period started in 2009, its compliance was not mandatory until now.

These regulations require carriers to submit vessel manifests for China bound cargo 24 hours before loading at ports outside China. It has been reported that the enforcement date is vessel arriving Chinese ports on or after June 28th 2014. Taking into account average transit times, the rules are already valid.

FIATA is still trying to collect data and official information in order to provide accurate information. We expect more information and circulation to be available in days and weeks to come.

Please refer to the following link for more information:



10 June 2014


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