E-Flash No. 108 - 5 October 2015 - Special Edition

FIATA provides Container Weight Verification toolkit

At the FIATA Multimodal Transport Institute held in Taipei on 12th September 2015, Chairman Robert Keen announced to delegates an initiative by the Working Group Sea to provide all FIATA Members with a comprehensive guide to the changes due in July 2016 when the verification of container weights becomes mandatory.

The changes to the SOLAS Convention (Safety of Life at Sea) were agreed at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2014 and the implications have been considered in detail by the FIATA Working Group Sea at their regular meetings.

The toolkit is a guidance document covering the background to the changes and an overview of the new legislative requirements. There is a detailed analysis of various contractual scenarios when the forwarder transacts with shipping lines or with other parties and it concludes with a "next steps" section giving helpful advice to FIATA Members in dealing with stakeholders in their own countries.

The Working Group Sea Chair, Jens Roemer and his advisors have produced a detailed repository of information on the changes to SOLAS. The toolkit will enable each Association Member to prepare the global industry for the massive changes due next year.

FIATA Association Members can download the SOLAS guidance from the FIATA Document Delivery System (FDDS) in the General Information (Doc. GI013) section.

An article named “The FIATA Verification of Container Weights Toolkit” will be published in the upcoming FIATA Review No. 109 of October 2015.



5 October 2015

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