E-Flash No. 95 - 24 April 2015

1. Welcoming New Schools to the ICAO FIATA DG Training Program

FIATA warmly welcomes two of our newly accredited training centers: Skyline University College based in Dubai, UAE and the Asociacion Guatemalteca de Agencias de Carga (AGAC) from Guatemala. Both training centers have strong track records in training having established good reputations in their respective countries.

We look forward to supporting AGAC and Skyline as they move forward with launching the ICAO FIATA DG Training Program. For further information on the training centers, please visit the websites below.

Skyline University College - http://www.skylineuniversity.com/Page/Home.aspx

AGAC - http://fiata.com/membership/association-members.html?tx_membership_pi1%5Bmodifier%5D=submit


2. FIATA at the ICAO event on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF AIR TRANSPORT IN AFRICA held in Madagascar March 25th – 27th

A constraining schedule could stop FIATA from participating in the critical ICAO event in Madagascar. Using video technology, FIATA’s Past President, Mr. Jean-Claude Delen, recorded a message for the delegates in attendance at the ICAO meeting.

The meeting held discussions around the Yamoussoukro Declaration and the Lome Declaration. FIATA’s message built on its published position paper last year communicating the importance of implementing both declarations to achieve a unified and liberalized air transport market for Africa. For a closer look at the presentation delivered please click here.


3. United Nations agencies unite to further promote Bali Agreement

Three UN agencies (UNCTAD, UNECE, and the International Trade Centre) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in support of the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

Each organization will leverage their unique strengths to increase support to developing nations that are implementing the Agreement. Specific areas of collaboration include:

  • Joint missions to assist countries identify trade facilitation needs and approach to implementing the WTO TFA
  • Joint development and maintenance of the UN Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide
  • Joint publications related to trade facilitation implementation
  • Joint maintenance of repositories of Trade Facilitation Committees and related matters
  • Collaboration in the development and maintenance of UN Trade Facilitation Recommendations and Standards on Trade Facilitation

For more information please visit: http://unctad.org/en/Pages/Home.aspx


4. Germany looks to improve IT security in transportation

The Federal Government intends to improve IT security measurements in Germany and have unveiled a draft cyber security law to protect ‘critical infrastructure’. The ministry said that the draft IT security requirements would apply to telecommunications, energy, traffic, transport, health, water, food supply, finance and insurance companies and agencies.

The German freight forwarders Association (DSLV) felt that it is difficult to enforce this new legislation, due to the fact that various existing laws must be changed before a possible implementation.  

For further reading please visit: www.dslv.org


5. European Council approves exemptions for greener and safer Lorries

The Council has approved changes to the 1996 directive on vehicle size that now allow lorry manufacturers to exceed current length and weight limits to use designs that will improve road safety and fuel efficiency.

Chief among these designs are new longer and round cabs and foldable aerodynamic flaps that improve fuel consumption and increase vehicle safety.

For further reading on the rule change please visit: http://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2015/04/20-safer-greener-lorries-approved/


6. Russian Carriers earn fifth freedom rights in Hong Kong

AirBridge Cargo, and other Russian cargo carriers, will soon be able to expand their traffic rights out of Hong Kong International Airport to a third destination outside Russia, after successful talks between Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency and the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong .

The Russian carrier was granted fifth freedom rights under revised terms of the two countries’ bilateral air services agreement, signed in 1999. Russian aircraft will now be able to fly between any two intermediate points – to be chosen from Singapore Changi, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Bangkok, Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan, Incheon Airport in Seoul, Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi and Hong Kong.

For further reading please visit: http://aircargoworld.com/airbridge-cargo-earns-5th-freedom-rights-for-hong-kong/


7. European Commission creates Sustainable Transport Forum

On April 23rd 2015 the EU Commission announced the creation of a specialised group called the Sustainable Transport FROM (STF) to help the advance the application of the Clean Power for Transport strategy and facilitate the implementation of alternative fuel infrastructure.

The STF shall assist the Commission in implementing the Union’s activities and programmes aimed at fostering the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure to contribute to the European Union energy and climate goals.  

To find out more please visit: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/urban/news/2015-04-23-stf-call-for-applications_en.htm



24 April 2015

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