E-Flash No. 97 - 22 May 2015

1.   FIATA calling for participation for the Implementation of the WTO's TFA – Recently published Position Paper  

In a recently published position paper, FIATA is encouraging the WTO signatory countries competent authorities (e.g. Customs, Department of Trade, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, etc.) to engage with FIATA Association Members in their own countries to assist in the implementation of the agreement.

The WCO (particularly the Customs administration in member economies) will be seeking the creation of National Committees on Trade Facilitation to give effect to Article 23.2 of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation. All FIATA Members have been encouraged to provide their input and assistance in the establishment of these committees in order to significantly contribute to their success. FIATA Position Paper has been put on the newly developed trade facilitation website of the WTO. To read FIATA’s Position Paper please visit the WTO TFA website at the following address and click on the middle slide: http://www.tfafacility.org/


2.   FIATA and CLECAT hosting the upcoming side event on May 29th at the ITF in Leipzig  

FIATA will co-host a side event with CLECAT at the upcoming ITF Summit to be held in Leipzig, Germany on May 29th  from 9:00-10:30. The side event will address the global nature of logistics as the main facilitator of global trade and will also clarify the importance of logistics connectivity in support of better trade and greater prosperity.

It will showcase that a successful logistics sector is both the cause and effect of better trade with in the world, and which we regard as a precondition for stable and sustainable prosperity. FIATA would be delighted to see its membership join us in Leipzig for an interactive session revolving around a panel debate of engaging speakers from the World Bank, UNECE and many others.



3.   Ensuring NGO and Civil Society Awareness – UN System develops table for email alerts

Most UN bodies and structures have developed possibilities to share information about their events and activities through email alerts and updates. Some of them specifically target civil society actors; some of them are more generic.

The NGO Liaison Unit at the UN has prepared a table, which describes the content of updates by different structures and provides link to subscription pages. For those interested in subscribing to a specific UN system please do not hesitate to contact eid(at)fiata.com for further information.


4.   Ajman, UAE Customs and Port Department signs guarantee agreement over global transit system

Ajman Customs and ports department has signed a guarantee agreement with the UAE's automobile and touring club to implement TIR in the Emirate of Ajman, according to the International Road Union (IRU).

The UAE's federal transport authority – land and maritime sees the TIR system as a major step to meeting and fulfilling the requirements of federal law no. 9 and its executive regulations concerning land transport. Please see more below:



5.   Disaster relief logistics in Nepal

Nepal is still reeling from the massive earthquake that struck more than a week ago, killing more than 7000 people. Major aid shipments have been held up at the airport, and relief teams are struggling with the logistics of getting supplies where they need to go. Please read more below:



6.   Philippines seen as global hub for logistics

The Philippines has the potential to become a major hub for logistics services providers as the size of the market is expected to hit over P71 billion in 2020, a regional research firm said. The research provider believes the size of the country’s contract logistics market would hit P71.41 billion (1.412 billion euros) in 2020 from P24.17 billion (478 million euros) in 2013.

"At the upper range of LPI improvement, we believe the size of the Philippines' contract logistics market increase from €478 million in 2013 to €1.412 billion by 2020," TI said. Please read more here: http://www.philstar.com/business/2015/05/17/1455471/phl-seen-global-hub-logistics


7.   China is Leading Global Growth in Contract Logistics

The Asia-Pacific region is set to unseat Europe as the world's largest contract logistics market as growing consumer demand in China and other countries pushes companies to build more sophisticated distribution channels, according to a new report.

United Kingdom-based Transportation Intelligence Ltd. said it expects the overall market for firms that provided a combination of warehouse and transportation services to grow at a rate of 6.8% a year from through 2018, driven by expanding demand in emerging markets for contract logistics services. Please read more here:




22 May 2015


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