E-Flash No. 98 - 5 June 2015

1.  Nepal Quake Aftermath: Transportation Problems Continue To Hinder Aid Efforts

FIATA opens a NEPAL Earthquake relief fund

Difficult conditions and logistics problems hindered aid efforts Sunday, a week after a devastating earthquake shook Nepal, killing thousands. The U.N. said an estimated 8 million people are affected by the disaster, including in Kathmandu and Pokhara, the country's two largest cities.

FIATA members’ generosity is again at work.

After donating some 100.000 dollars to Médicines sans Frontières and the Red Cross/Red Crescent, FIATA has opened a new initiative which will hopefully collect similar donations to assist the people of NEPAL, so dramatically affected by one of the most devastating earthquakes in recent years. Please send your contributions to the following account:

CH90 0070 0130 0085 2975 2



The proceeds of your donations will be transferred to Médicines sans Frontières and the Red Cross/Red Crescent to alleviate the situation in Nepal.

2.  FIATA CLECAT host side event on logistics connectivity - ITF in  May 29th in Leipzig

Ensuring convenient access to global trade by proving the indispensable logistics connectivity was high on the agenda, the discussants openly debated whether better logistics connectivity will foster growth, allow for energy savings and promote the sustainability of global trade beyond 2015. The word connectivity also resounded in other meetings of the day, with talk of investments in infrastructure being no longer a taboo as in recent years. Well informed participants, amongst them most notably HE the Minister of Transport of Tunisia, were welcomed by Francesco Parisi, President of FIATA with an evocative speech which clarified the prevailing interest of FIATA members in benefitting from recent logistics connectivity efforts.

The panellists included Jean-François Arvis, The World Bank; Andrea Galluzzi, EU Rail Freight Corridor; Nicolette van der Jagt, CLECAT;  Oliver Peltzer, Customs and Trade Facilitation Commission, ICC; Miodrag Pesut, UNECE; Pawel  Stelmaszczyk, DG MOVE, European Commission being  coordinated by Christian Doepgen, from the International Transport Journal who professionally conducted a debate that was both interesting and meaningful.

More information on the Forum at: http://2015.internationaltransportforum.org/media

3.   Reminder - FIATA – 9th RAP Field Meeting, 24 June 2015 - Bangkok Thailand

The preparations for the 9th RAP Field Meeting (24 June 2015) in Bangkok, Thailand that is traditionally held in conjunction with UNESCAP (25 June 2015) meeting are ongoing.

The Meetings agenda is promising and includes presentations and speeches from Delegates of International Organizations and a Thai Special Section with representatives from the Government of Thailand and Industry related service providers.

The RAP Chairman Mr Chris Kanter invited with the Call of Meeting RAP Association Members and their Members from the Region Asia Pacific to participate.

The Call of Meeting together with a preliminary agenda is published on the FIATA web-site.

Call of Meeting and preliminary Agenda


FIATA members are grateful for the support, contribution and assistance we are receiving from the Thai International Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA) for their help in arranging this meeting to make it successful.

TIFFA will be takeing care of your registration and Hotel booking, please proceed by using the following link: 

Pre-Advice & Hotel + Registration form


FIATA encourages delegates from the Asian Pacific region to attend to this meeting, as this is the perfect opportunity to address relevant regional topics, to corroborate and establish important bonds with colleagues and authorities and to benefit from the opportunity of networking.


4.  Declaration from Ministers on Transport, Trade and Tourism

The Ministers responsible for transport in the member countries of the International Transport Forum, have assembled under the Presidency of New Zealand to seek mutual understanding of, and orient their response to trade challenges.

For more details of the newly struck declaration please visit:



5.  OECED Report: Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets

The OECD report examines the issues that need to be considered before the decision to proceed to costly expansions with long-life spans and a structural influence on the local and national economy.

The report cites from a specific case study in Chile where plans for a major capacity of port capacity in the central part of the country are well advanced. For a full look at the report please visit: http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/transport/port-investment-and-container-shipping-markets_9789282107850-en#page11


 6.  EU assessment on the impact of the VAT exemption for small consignments

Since 1983 the European Union's VAT Directive provides for VAT exemption on small import consignments below a given threshold. The EU Directive allows all EU Member States (EU MS's) to relieve VAT with a view to facilitating cross-border trade and reducing administrative burden and costs. The growth of imports, which appears to be driven by booming e-commerce, has put pressure on the existing arrangement. The current VAT Directive obliges the EU MS's to exempt all B2C consignments with a value not exceeding EUR 10 from VAT. EU MS's are free to increase this threshold up to EUR 22. EU MS's are also allowed to exclude mail orders, which would almost remove the exemption. A Commission Study presents an overview of the legal framework the 28 EU MS's, as well as an analysis of this market between 1999 and 2013, including the potential lost VAT due to this exemption.

If you wish to read more, please go to:

The Executive Summary:


The Final Report:



7.  Antwerp grants "green" discount

The Port of Antwerp is rewarding vessels that use alternative technology to reduce emissions of particulates with a 15 to 20% discount on port dues. Vessels calling at the port can claim the discount as of 1 June 2015 if operators can show the vessel either uses scrubbers in closed mode or is powered by LNG for a period of at least 24 hours before calling.

Those vessels running on LNG can receive a discount of 20%, while those using closed scrubbers can get a discount of 15%. To read more please visit:



8.  UK cross-channel freight under threat

The trade association that represents companies responsible for handling much of the UK's visible trade is warning that a significant recent increase in illegal immigrants attempting to stowaway on trucks passing through the Calais Eurotunnel terminal and ferry port is causing major problems and threatening the future of cross channel truck services.

BIFA has commented on the issues stating that it has always encouraged its members to take strong measures to secure their vehicles from the start of their journey to the Calais area and urged their drivers to stay vigilant and accountable for their trucks and loads. To read more please visit: http://www.tandlnews.com.au/2015/05/28/article/uk-cross-channel-freight-under-threat/


9.  German train drivers call off rail strike

Germany's train drivers have agreed to call off their strike and enter mediation with Deutsche Bahn. The strike, which began on Tuesday and spread to passenger services on Wednesday, will end at 7pm local time on Thursday May 28.

The GDL train drivers' union has staged a series of strikes to call for a 5% pay rise for 20,000 drivers and a shorter working week. To read more please visit: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-32823460


10.  West Coast Port Contract Has Employers Covering "Cadillac Tax"

The U.S. West Coast port labour contract ratified by dockworkers will require shipping companies and terminal operators to cover the tax on high-cost health plans beginning in 2018 under the Affordable Care Act, widely called the "Cadillac tax".

Under the contract, the Pacific Maritime Association, a group of port terminal operators and shipping companies, will provide full health care benefits for members of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union, their dependents and retirees including full coverage with no premiums, no in-network deductibles or co-pays, $1 prescriptions and 100% coverage of hospital care. To read more please visit: http://www.wsj.com/articles/west-coast-port-contract-may-stick-employers-with-cadillac-tax-1432745959   

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is working alongside other stakeholders in support of a "Protecting Orderly and Responsible Transit of Shipments Act of 2015" (PORTS Act) to ensure that port disruptions resulting from labor contract negotiations do not result in negative impacts.


11.  Government to establish tourist, commercial, and logistics centre in Alexandria Port

Alexandria Port plans to establish a tourist and commercial global centre, and a logistics centre for food commodities and goods, said cabinet spokesman Hossam El-Kawish. This step is part of the plan which aims at developing the port's infrastructure.

Regarding the logistics and industrial centre for food commodities, general goods and river port, El-Kawish said that it aims at promoting Egyptian agricultural exports, whilst decreasing the cost of importing food commodities to satisfy local demands. He added that the centre will also operate rapid transport lines and deliver Egyptian agricultural products to European markets in three to four days. To read more please visit: http://www.dailynewsegypt.com/2015/05/31/government-to-establish-tourist-commercial-and-logistics-centre-in-alexandria-port/


12.  Companies See "Massive Shift" in Search for Supply Chain Talent  - FIATA is there.

The growing role of technology and the impact of globalisation are creating demands for skills beyond traditional oversight of supply chains. Companies are finding that the growing complexity of supply chains has a significant consequence: hiring the right people to build and manage the expansive operations is more difficult than ever.

Industry experts say an understanding of technology and an ability to work in a global environment are increasingly important in the supply chain, forcing managers to look for people with a rare mix of specialized skills to manage this crucial aspect of their business. To read more please visit: http://www.wsj.com/articles/companies-see-massive-shift-in-search-for-supply-chain-talent-1432327353

FIATA is on the right track in this area complementing the tradition Vocational Training programmes with new products proposed by the FIATA Logistics Academy (FLA), as reiterated by the Director General who recently spoke in Odessa at the Freight Forwarders' Day organised by the local FIATA Association Members.


13.  INSTC Conference to be held on 12th June 2015 at JW Marriot, Mumbai

The International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) Conference hosted by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry is to be held on 12th June 2015. FIATA’s own Federation of Freight Forwarders Association in India (FFFAI) has been entrusted with the Project partnering with the Government of India in promoting logistics and opening various opportunities.

The proposed INSTC route via Bandar Abbas in Iran to Russia and other CIS Countries in transit through IRAN, could reduce cost, dwell time, and streamline documentation for seamless movement and open up many competitive optional routes for opportunities in CIS Countries and Russia which will result in enhancing trade. For more information on the event please visit: http://www.instcindia.in/#tab1



5 June 2015

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