Special e-Flash No. 152 - Warning of fraud e-mails in the name of FIATA

 Warning of fraud e-mails in the name of FIATA

Dear FIATA Members,

Unfortunately, we have been informed about the receipt of fraud e-mails in the name of FIATA informing about suspended bank accounts and with fake invoices in the attachment.

Please be kindly informed, that e-mails with the following e-mail addresses and titles are fraud

wieser-fiata.com@mail.com /  eid-fiata.com@mail.com / schaer-fiata@mail.com / sorgetti-fiata@mail.com


Please do NOT answer such e-mails.

In case you may receive invoices showing different bank accounts, please contact us before proceeding with the payment.

In case of any doubts kindly contact the FIATA Secretariat directly.

Many thanks for your attention.

Yours sincerely,


FIATA Secretariat

Schaffhauserstrasse 104

CH – 8152 Glattbrugg / Switzerland

phone: ++41 43 211 65 00

fax: ++41 43 211 65 65

E-mai: info(at)fiata.com


 24 May 2017

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