Fraud websites displaying the FIATA logo

At FIATA we encourage authorised members to display our logo affirming that they belong to an organisation that sets standards and encourages good practice. However some fraudulent websites will display our logo to conceal their scams and mislead consumers to believe that they are genuine. This is particularly prevalent in websites offering cars for sale. A UK member has comprehensive advice on such car selling scams at this URL:

How do you know that a website displaying our logo is a genuine website?

Never “click through” from a logo if you are suspicious. Go directly to and search the member directories. You may have to look up the Association Member representing a country and then go direct to them to verify the identity of the company you are checking on.

If you find that a website displaying FIATA logo is not a FIATA Association Member or Individual Member, please kindly contact us at info(at) so we can take necessary actions.

Whilst our FIATA logo is well recognised, fraudulent companies spring up and disappear as soon as they have scammed money, which requires a substantial amount of resource to find and track and thus makesit impossible to pre-empt the fraudsters.

Remember when buying online, check, check and check again.

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