Position paper

Public Statements

Maintaining the flow of essential goods during the COVID-19 crisis


Invoking force majeure in the coronavirus crisis: Some practical tips


Ecommerce Impact International Trade Logistics


Changing Logistics - Freight Forwarders Evolve with Trade.pdf


Freight Forwarders, Logistics and the Building Blocks of Free Trade


SDG Mapping for Logistics Connectivity


The Keys to Unlocking Africa


CONGRESS Special Edition - Position Papers 3


GPST Input - FIATA's Training Initiatives




FIATA responds to ICAO’s Secretary General - Trends, development and challenges facing the airfreight industry


FIATA Statement - The Need to Assess Connectivity Measure for Freight Transport


FIATAs Feedback on the Post 2015 Zero Draft Outcome document - Charged by Logisitcs Connectivity's Sustainable Energy


FIATA Five Key Statements - Sustain your Future with Logistics


THE TRADE FACILITATION AGREEMENT Main instrument of development for better global trade


UN HLPF Open Letter - Logistics Connectivity in the quest for Sustainable Development


2015 ICC Trade Facilitation Symposium - FIATA Speech on Trade logistics and Customs Regimes boosting regional and global supply chains


IMOILOUNECE Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code)


Non Proliferation UN 1540 RESO speech 21 11 2014


FIATA helps the OWG to design sustainable future


Everyone wins by maximising "de minimis" harmonisation


Revisiting the Yamoussoukro Decision


Role of freight forwarders and logistics in intermodal transport chains

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Combining the OWG's Focus Areas in a Hollistic Manner with Trade Facilitation

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FIATA Insight into SDGs in Preparation for the Secretary General's address to the Open Working Group

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IATA-FIATA Joint Position on the need for States to ratify the Montreal Convention 1999 MC99 to promote trade facilitation

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UN Commission on Sustainable Development Open Letter - Logistics connectivity on the main goals for sustainable development

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Airfreight Institute (AFI)


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Customs Affairs Institute (CAI)

FIATA’s comments on WCO draft Customs - Tax Cooperation Guidelines



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Advisory Body Dangerous Goods (ABDG)


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Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI)


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FIATA_Position_Paper_-_CO2_and_other_Emissions_in Freight_Transport_and_Logistics

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