Tripoli/Libya hosts FIATA RAME (Region Africa Middle East) Field Meeting

Tripoli/Libya was the host city in June 2005 for another RAME Field Meeting. The event was organized by the FIATA Individual member Messrs. Gazelle Express.

This regional meeting was held under the patronage of Mr. Mohamed Hasan Kanoun, Chairman of the General Union of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the Great Jamahiriya. A special attention has been given to the new system established in Libya after the abolishment of the UN sanctions.

The meeting was chaired by FIATA Past President Abdelmalek Dahmani (Tunisia). It was attended by 105 delegates from 11 countries, and by high ranking representatives from various Libyan governmental offices. It provided a perfect setting for different presentations from the Libyan Customs Authorities, the Port Authorities, and the Free Zone. Further information was given on investment policies, taxation in Libya, by an insurance survey company, as well as by Afriqiyah Airways. FIATA Vice President Samson Njoroge (Kenya) updated the participants on the activities of FIATA and the FIATA Foundation Vocational Training.

Mr. Mohamed Hasan Kanoun and the head of the organizing committee, Mr. Mohamed Busefi, announced that Libya is willing to form a National Freight Forwarders Association which will soon apply for FIATA membership to become the official representative of FIATA in Libya. More information will be provided at the FIATA World Congress 2005 in September in Moscow/Russian Federation.

FIATA was represented by RAME Chairman Abdelmalek Dahmani and RAME Secretary Peter Maegerle at this Field Meeting.

6 June 2005

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