FIATA claims joint victory in discrimination dispute with U.S.

The world body which represents the interests of the international freight forwarding industry is announcing a major victory in a long drawn out discrimination dispute with the United States.

Members of the Switzerland-based International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) were told at a meeting in Zurich of the Federation’s participation in the successful initiative to eliminate service contract discrimination for NVOCC’s under the United States’ controversial Ocean Shipping Reform Act. The voice of FIATA was joined in this initiative by UPS/FEDES/NIT League/TIA (FIATA’s U.S. member), Bax Global, BDP and C.H. Robinson without whose support this decision might never have come to pass. NVOCC’s (non-vessel operating common carriers) may enter confidential service arrangements (NSA’s) with their shippers. Cargo moved under NSA’s will also be exempted from the tariff publication requirements of the Shipping Act. The rulemaking will provide shippers with a broader range of service options, and greater opportunities for integrated supply chain.

FIATA members were also informed that the Federation will renew its effort “to further eliminate tariff filling requirements in the U.S.A.

21 March 2005

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