FIATA signs agreement with UIC and CIT

FIATA is pleased to announce that on 19th October 2006, during the meeting of the Permanent Contact Group UIC/FIATA, and in the presence of the EU Commission the “Guidelines for the development and implementation of quality agreements for specific trainload in the international conventional rail freight traffic” have been signed by Oliver Sellnick, Director Department Railway Undertakings, Union International Union of Railways, (UIC); Dr. Thomas Leimgruber, General Secretary, International Rail Transport Committee (CIT), and Heiner Rogge, Co-Chairman of the Permanent Contact Group UIC/FIATA and Chairman of the Working Group Rail Transport of FIATA. 

This agreement, which will be open for all railway customers for wagon groups (more than 9 wagons) and for complete trains, contains:  

  • The transport quantities
  • The necessaries train capacities
  • The routings
  • The timetables
  • The frequencies  

Other elements of this agreement are the penalties which will apply when the contracting parties do not fulfil the agreed service (e.g. by percentage or lump-sum by train or by bonus malus system) and both sides will grant a consistently information flow, so the agreed service could be fulfilled. Furthermore, under this agreement it is also mentioned that in principle the railways charge their customers after they fulfil their service and not in advance which is the usual case in many European countries at present. The terms of payment can be negotiated between the commercial parties.   

Depending on specific requirements, all the items can be negotiated individually by the contracting parties. It should be clear that the mandatory liability requirements of the CIM are not applicable.  

This agreement should be implemented soon by the major European railway companies as appendix to their standard trading conditions.  

The guidelines are available on the FIATA website under “downloads”.  

24 October 2006

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