FIATA World Congress 2006

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, has set up a special Working Group to deal with matters of security. The creation of the Working Group was announced at the 2006 FIATA World Congress, held in Shanghai from 18 to 21 September and attended by 1100 participants from 86 countries.

Said Marco A. Sangaletti, Director General of the Switzerland-based Federation: “The growing impact of security concerns was a key topic at the Shanghai World Congress. Many delegates expressed the desire for such action by FIATA.” The new Working Group Security Issues will be chaired by Jean-Claude Delen (Belgium), who is a Senior Vice President of FIATA.

The Shanghai World Congress, hosted by the Chinese International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA), was the first to be held in that country. The event also marked the 80th anniversary of FIATA. The opening and the closing ceremonies were attended by high-ranking representatives from the central government in Beijing as well as from the local authorities in Shanghai. The meetings of the Institutes, Advisory Bodies and Regional Committees of FIATA were all well attended and offered interesting presentations by international and local speakers.

Delegates approved applications from seven new National Association members, bringing the Federation’s total of ordinary members to 97. It was also announced that the Presidency of FIATA will put forward its Senior Vice President William M. Gottlieb (Canada) as candidate for the post of the next President of the Federation. The election will be held at the 2007 FIATA World Congress in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The venue of the FIATA World Congress 2008 will be Vancouver (Canada), and – as announced in Shanghai – the 2009 event will be held in Geneva (Switzerland).

25 September 2006

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