FIATA: security is a major concern

During FIATA's Headquarters' Session in Zurich, the recently created ad hoc Working Group Security up-dated the participants on the developments affecting transport security.

The freight forwarding community is concerned that more and more rules and regulations regarding security for the transport of cargo are being implemented by various countries and/or regulating bodies, without regard for global harmonization. FIATA is supportive of any security precaution which helps to minimize the threat of terrorism. But such measures should be standardized and be established in close cooperation with the affected industry.

As a consequence, FIATA has created an ad hoc Working Group Security, which has already started to work on a summary of existing regulations. The main task of this body is to establish the national forwarders associations as the business partner of choice for authorities developing and implementing new security legislations and programs, and to achieve an appropriate level of security for freight forwarding by harmonised application of cost-effective, risk based standards. A good example is the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between FIATA and IATA to form a Global Air Cargo Security Industry Task Force.

This 2007 Headquarters' Session in Zurich - the second most important event on FIATA's annual calendar, after the World Congress - was attended by 210 FIATA delegates from 59 countries.

20 March 2007

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