UN-ESCAP and FIATA meet in Bangkok

The 1st  Field Meeting of the FIATA National Associations of the Region Asia/Pacific (RAP) in conjunction with UNESCAP Meetings of Executives of National Freight Forwarders Logistics Associations and the Regional Forum of Freight Forwarders, Multimodal Transport Operators and Logistics Service Providers were held on 20-22 June 2007 at Bangkok, Thailand  

At the FIATA World Congress 2006 in Shanghai, RAP and UNESCAP decided to organize a series of meetings. The different sessions were attended by more than 130 international participants from 19 countries. The 1st RAP Field Meeting was organised with the support of the Thai International Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA).    

The meetings were giving a platform enabling key stakeholders to share their experiences and knowledge, to discuss matters of common concern, and to contribute substantially to the development of an international integrated transport and logistics system. The outcome will be shared by UNESCAP with policy makers of member governments through the Committee on Managing Globalisation and the ESCAP Commission which will meet in September 2007.  

Various topics and objectives as such the transport sector developments, security aspects and the strengthening of the professionalism of the industry by FIATA, its Advisory Body Vocational Training ABVT and through ESCAP Training of Trainers programmes, in active collaboration with the National Associations, were tackled. Finally, it was found more than beneficial to substantiate the cooperation between UNESCAP, Governments and FIATA and their National Associations and to continue to organise these meetings back to back in the future on a regular basis.  

The outcome of these meetings does support professional and efficient cooperation amongst freight forwarders. In addition, it improves the dialogue between governments and the forwarding industry including Transport and Trade Facilitation.

25 June 2007

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