10+2 rule: FIATA worried about the impact on logistics flow

During FIATA’s Headquarters’ Session 2008, held in Zurich from 7-9 March, the participants were updated on the latest developments on the 10 + 2 rule.

It was suggested that CBP should be made aware of the concerns of the importing community and should work through some of the issues before making this rule effective. The freight forwarding industry is worried about the extra burden on the industry as a whole and the possible impact on the logistics flow. Furthermore, FIATA felt that some of the commercial information required is private and confidential, and should not run the risk of being made public through existing access to information policies in the US. It was also important that such a program embrace existing information delivery systems such as AMS.

Many interested parties have reacted strongly to the 100 Percent scanning initiative. FIATA, and recently ICC, clearly stated that this regulation will be detrimental to world trade, unworkable and impractical for various reasons.

This 2008 Headquarters’ Session in Zurich - the second most important event on FIATA’s annual calendar, after the World Congress - was attended by over 200 FIATA delegates from 52 countries.

20 March 2008

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