FIATA World Congress 2009 in Geneva

The 2009 FIATA World Congress was held from 21-25 September 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. The attractive congress program and the concurrently running exhibition attracted 650 participants from 78 countries.

At the Opening Ceremony Swiss Federal Councillor U. Maurer and Geneva State Councillor F. Longchamp

were addressing the attendees. Mrs Alina Wenzel from Germany was announced as the overall winner of the “Young International Freight Forwarder Award 2009”.

The main forum “Emergency Case: How are International Organizations acting?” with presentations from representatives from international organizations - such as World Trade Organization WTO, International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations Headquarters for Refuges, and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - was certainly a highlight of the congress. All meetings of the Institutes, Advisory Bodies and Regional Committees were well attended and offered interesting presentations by speakers from Geneva based UN-ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).

At the General Meeting the delegates approved admittance of two new Association members from Mongolia and Zimbabwe. As previously decided next year’s FIATA World Congress will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

01 October 2009

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