FIATA supports indtroduction of the e-AWB

The 2010 Headquaters’ Session, held in Zurich from 19-21 March, was once again attended by well over 200 delegates from 57 countries.

At the meeting of the Airfreight Institute it was confirmed that FIATA supports the introduction of the e-AWB and encourages its members in countries where the e-AWB can be used to contact the airlines in order to switch from paper to electronic AWB as soon as feasible.

Good news at the Multimodal Transport Institute session: the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has voted to grant a petition by FIATA member NCBFAA, supported by FIATA’s second US member TIA and other organizations, for a voluntary exemption from the current tariff publication requirements. The exemption was first requested by FIATA in 1991.

Special focus for the Advisory Body Security Matters has been the new involvement with ICAO. Recognizing it‘s important role in the global transport and logistics industry FIATA was invited to become a member of an ICAO Study Group on Supply Chain Security. FIATA hopes to further develop this new relationship on security within ICAO along side current roles within Dangerous Goods handling.

For more information please contact the FIATA Secretariat in Glattbrugg, Switzerland (

26 March 2010 

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