Marco Sorgetti to become FIATA's Director General

Marco Leonardo Sorgetti has been selected to fill the post of Director General and CEO of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) following the retirement of Marco A. Sangaletti. FIATA will officially announce the leadership change and introduce Mr. Sorgetti to FIATA members at the FIATA World Congress in Cairo (Egypt, October 16-21, 2011). Effective January 2, 2012 Mr. Sorgetti will take over from Mr. Sangaletti.

"As FIATA President, I am delighted to see such a smooth transition. The future of our organization's secretariat is secured and continuity will prevail.

Marco Sorgetti, whom I personally know very well, is a professional with a proven track record in the logistics industry. He has developed our European sister organization, CLECAT, the European association for forwarding, transport, logistic and customs services, to the highest level of professionalism and reputation. I wish Marco Sorgetti the best of luck in this new endeavor and a successful career with FIATA," says FIATA President Jean-Claude Delen.

"Of course, I would also like to thank Marco Sangaletti. He has successfully managed the secretariat of our global organization for almost 15 years. I hope he will enjoy his well deserved retirement. He will be missed by all. But make no mistake I am sure we will meet him again," adds Jean-Claude Delen.

"I am pleased to hand over the running of the FIATA secretariat to Marco Sorgetti. He brings all the right qualities and the business experience needed to take FIATA to even greater heights," says Marco Sangaletti.

"These have been 15 challenging years for me. FIATA has expanded its membership significantly in this period from 85 to 115 association members and from about 2'200 to over 5'600 individual members. The federation has also grown stronger during this time because we had to courage to adapt to changing demands and focused on delivering to our members. The global voice of the logistics industry is heard loud and clear today by governments and global organizations including UNECE, UNCTAD, UN-ESCAP, the WCO and ICC. I thank the Presidency, our members and partners that embraced and supported the changes," adds Marco Sangaletti.

Marco Sorgetti has studied engineering, literature and languages. Besides Italian he speaks English and French fluently. He has a good understanding of German and some basic knowledge of the Russian language. He trained and worked as a forwarders for many years. Marco Sorgetti volunteered for industry associations and the Chambers of Commerce in the early 80s, first in Italy and later at an international level through FIATA. In 2003 he joined CLECAT as Director General. He has published numerous articles and contributed to transport and logistics publications around the globe. In addition, he has published a manual for transoirt and logistics practitioners in 2002. Marco Sorgetti has always shown a strong entrepreneurial spirit which is reflected his trade association activities. For many years he has been a strong supporter of innovation in the forwarding industry.

13 September 2011

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