Young FIATA goes to Congress 2012 in Los Angeles

The 2012 FIATA World Congress was held 8 - 12 October in Los Angeles, United States. The attractive congress program and the concurrently running exhibition attracted almost 1000 participants from some 70 countries. This is a symptom of success.

At the Opening Ceremony FIATA President: Mr Stanley Lim, TIA President: Mr Robert Voltmann and TIA Chairman: Mr Alec Gizzi welcomed all participants to Los Angeles, a key access point to the world’s biggest market. In particular President Lim was proud of seeing so many young faces.

Ian Gordon, the newest of FIATA’s staff summarised his experience in Los Angeles with these words: “As an intern at the offices of FIATA, I found myself in sunny Los Angeles for the proceedings from 8-12 October at a hotel in Beverly Hills. TIA, the industry’s representative in the US, had organised the details with a certain flair and pizzazz so unique to Hollywood-country. It was my first time attending a FIATA World Congress. I woke up on the first day unsure of what to expect. It was only on my way to the opening ceremony, that I began to understand the magnitude of the organisation and the power it has to unify the freight forwarding industry all over the world.”

Mr Daniel Terbille from South Africa has been announced as the overall winner of the 2012 Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award, a first for the RAME Region. An astounding dissertation that will make historical marks.

Next year’s congress will be held in the key logistics hub that is Singapore, while the Board of FIATA decided that the 2015 FIATA World Congress will be held in Chinese Taipei.

30 October 2012

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