FIATA congratulates the EU and the US on the achievement of the Mutual Recognition Agreement of air cargo security regimes

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, is particularly pleased to congratulate the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the US and the European Commission for their exemplary air cargo security mutual recognition agreement.

This historical step forward comes after long and complex negotiations, which included a laudable consultation with the Private Sector, where FIATA was always present, either directly or through its regional representatives. This is an agreement that may considerably alleviate the cost connected with airfreight security; hence it will bring all the actors of the international Supply Chain unprecedented relief. The economic impact of security measure is well documented. Most of the harm is created by the duplication of efforts that now the EU and the US have decided to put behind them. This precious facilitation will impact on a very important trading area and therefore directly benefit a sizeable portion of our membership. However, this decision sets also an important precedent showing that mutual recognition is possible even in very complex political systems and where paramount economic and competitive interest play a role: an example for all Regulators to follow!

FIATA believes that National Governments and/or Regulators may effectively enhance security by introducing global harmonized supply chain security programs, established on common principles at global level.

Sadly a universal security programme at global level, in order to facilitate an integrated and secure global supply chain, is not yet in sight, but National Governments and Regulators are encouraged by FIATA to proceed as swiftly as materially possible in this direction, by starting the process to mutually recognise national and/or regional supply chain security programmes. FIATA is looking forward to the worldwide proliferation of such an exemplary agreement with a view to reaching the historical goal of a globally harmonised, trade friendly security regime.

Stanley Lim, FIATA President, made the following comment to his Board: "FIATA, its members and partner organisations have been advocating for harmonization since the early times of C-TPAT. FIATA continued to encourage mutual recognition tirelessly when WCO (SAFE) and EU introduced their Security Programmes and when other governments were announcing their individual programmes in their turn. Now is the time to celebrate and congratulate. This is the time when we know that all our efforts are really meaningful, even after years of negotiations. Other trading nations must now be engaged more than ever in making their own steps forward, as they also have the proof that much of our expectations are accomplished if we work orderly with good intentions. It is a milestone towards a universal security programme based on security measure harmonization."

6 June 2012

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