The Winning Smile of Janna

Janna van Burgeler is the 2013 Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year. She was awarded the title at the Opening Ceremony of the FIATA World Congress on the morning of 16 October in Singapore.

The four regional finalists, the icons of the future freight forwarding industry, have travelled to Singapore for the 2013 FIATA World Congress which is running until 19 October. The four regional winners come from the different FIATA regions to represent their home countries or territories, i.e. Egypt, Germany, Canada and India, putting forth strong efforts to receive the title: Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year 2013.

The Steering Group of the Award was very pleased to receive 17 outstanding papers on key import and export commodity and cargo logistics such as perishables, project cargos, hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine and many more daunting logistics tasks. The exceptional quality of the dissertations made choosing the final winner particularly difficult for the Committee.

The four regional winners, who were invited to the 2013 FIATA World Congress, are:

Region Africa/Middle East

Mr Mohamed Samy


Region Americas

Mr Kaloyan Petrov


Region Asia/Pacific

Mr Prabhot Singh


Region Europe

Ms Janna Van Burgeler


After the four regional winners presented their dissertations the YIFFY Steering Group was faced with the always daunting task of choosing one winner only.

During the Opening Ceremony of the FIATA WORLD CONGRESS, Ms Janna Van Burgeler of Germany was proclaimed the overall winner of the 2013 YIFFY Award for her outstanding work and achievement contained in her dissertation and was welcomed by a resounding round of applause from the audience who had filled every seat available at the Opening Ceremony.

Ms Janna Van Burgeler will receive practical and academic training through the course "Insight into Transport Law and Insurance" in addition to a week at one of the TT Club's regional centres in London, Hong Kong or New Jersey. All four regional winners will receive one year's subscription to the International Transport Journal (ITZ), Switzerland, and other specialised literature provided by FIATA.

FIATA wishes Ms van Burgeler and the other finalists a splendid career in our sector and looks forward to seeing them for many years to come within the ranks of FIATA delegates from their respective countries in the near future.

Note for the editors

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), was established in

Vienna in 1926, and is the largest non-governmental organisation in the field of international transport and logistics. Its membership includes national freight forwarders associations, operating in over 100 countries, representing over 45,000 local logistics companies, employing in excess of 10 million persons, as well as individual members domiciled in over 150 countries.

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17 October 2013

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