Tyler's message to AFI was one of a kind

A first for the IATA’s Director General and CEO, Mr Tony Tyler delivered a forward looking speech today at the FIATA World Congress in Singapore. His intervention was rich in information both on the results and trends of the air cargo industry and fully focussed on the requirements of the international trend in the next few years. The key message he delivered was very clear: "Air cargo needs to embrace change to stand up to the challenge of the evolutionary path of airfreight in future years."

"Higher quality and a greater efficiency must be created to meet the challenges that shifting supply chain models will impose on the freight industry." He clearly identified the freight forwarding industry as the main interlocutor of airlines in achieving the results that traders and shippers want or will require in future and the essential element for these results to come to fruition.

The Chairman of the FIATA Air Freight Institute (AFI), Mr Sagel, asked the Immediate Past President, Mr Jean-Claude Delen, to introduce Mr Tyler to the FIATA distinguished delegation. Mr Tyler’s analysis has been evoking the risk that cargo would be shifted away from the air mode for a series of reasons and called for a coordinated action with the freight forwarding industry to build a new relationship based on trust and understanding for the years to come, which would enable and facilitate the required changes. In this regard he evoked the work done by the Cargo Modernisation Programme that FIATA and IATA are actively pursuing as well as other instruments that IATA has made available and where FIATA’s contribution seems to be more than helpful.

The audience of highly qualified professionals and delegates who attended the meeting followed the well-articulated speech with undisturbed attention and appeared to absorb the message with keen interest and good intentions. Many of the practitioners do not utilise only the air mode as FIATA is a truly multimodal representation, but it is unquestionable that airfreight is paramount in the development of the international trade. This is certainly a good reason to welcome Mr Tyler’s message even when he evoked the competition with other modes of transport and to join forces to avert some of the threats to the airfreight sector that Mr Tyler's evoked.

Mr Tyler’s message intelligently explored all the areas that are susceptible to producing greater efficiency in the industry, increased savings and a more effective approach to security and facilitation. He mentioned the work done on Cargo 2000, the IATA e-freight and other initiatives where he identified the opportunity of the enhanced collaboration with FIATA as an element that could be crucial to their success. After many well-conceived questions, which Mr Tyler answered without restraint, in a remarkable courteous manner, Mr Rudi Sagel Chair of AFI thanked Mr Tyler for his contribution and kindness, which he said had been appropriately reciprocated by the kind and inspired nature of the questions.

His speech was followed by the presentation provided by Mr Tay, the deputy DG of the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority, who expanded on the achievements that e-freight has made possible in Singapore, including savings for shippers of more than 70% in the total costs; the AFI Chair underlined the perceptible achievements that the collaboration of the public and private sector made possible in the hosting country.

The AFI regular business as well as the presentation of the token of gratitude handed to Mr Quek and Mr Sim from SLA, Singapore for their generous donation of the airfreight course to FIATA concluded this remarkable morning at the World Congress.

Note for the editors

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), was established in

Vienna in 1926, and is the largest non-governmental organisation in the field of international transport and logistics. Its membership includes national freight forwarders associations, operating in over 100 countries, representing over 45,000 local logistics companies, employing in excess of 10 million persons, as well as individual members domiciled in over 150 countries.

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18 October 2013

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