FIATA Logistics Connectivity Crucial for Sustainable Development

Today FIATA published a statement addressed to the United Nations’ Commission on Sustainable Development, drawing policymakers’ attention to the essential role that logistics connectivity plays in global sustainable development.

The Statement was prepared by FIATA’s International Affairs Working Group, under the coordination of FIATA Senior Vice President Mr Babar Badat and the FIATA Presidency and took the form of an open letter to all the Distinguished Delegates participating in the UN 20th session currently taking place in New York.

The document develops the following key points:

  • Current research underscores the importance of logistics as a driver for economic growth.
  • The significance of logistic connectivity and its impact on international trade especially in domestic economies which are restricted within the confines of their borders.
  • Addressing UN Policy concerning Land Locked Countries and their difficulties in accessing international markets.
  • The requirement for collective and globally accepted regulations in order to develop measures which can increase wealth through the facilitation of trade.
  • Belief that consistent global policy on sustainable logistics connectivity can significantly transform emerging economies and their future trading patterns.

Mr Babar Badat said in endorsing the publication of the letter: “International trade is one of the main factors in global development and an effective enabler of growth, peace and welfare for all countries. The role of logistics in facilitating trade is of such crucial importance that adopting appropriate policy to sustain logistics connectivity can assist many developing nations without detracting from those which are already more advanced. It is a typical win-win opportunity that governments should embrace without hesitation. It is paramount that this objective is included in the UN Sustainable Development policy in the coming years.”

Media Contact: Hans Günther Kersten, Director General kersten(at)

20 September 2013

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