FIATA bills step into cyberspace

Today FIATA opened the registration process for a series of pilots in the project of digitalisation of the well-known FIATA FBL. FIATA Association Members are now invited to send their expressions of interest to participate in the pilots that will be run by FIATA in conjunction with their service provider, Electronic Shipping Solutions (ESS).

This is a major step in the development of a digital equivalent of the FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading, the most widely used multimodal bill in the world.

Pilots will commence in June with a number of Association Members and Forwarders. As the driver in this project, FIATA has agreed to incur all the costs for this initial, experimental phase, so there are no fees for Association Members, Forwarders and/or Shippers to participate.

Chris Gillespie, the Chairman of the FIATA Multimodal Transport Institute gave the following comment to his collaborators in the Secretariat. “Well done, guys! Despite the enormous amount of work that lies ahead of us after we appreciate the results of the pilots, I can see that some work is now behind us and we have ploughed this complex issue up the hill of fruition to the point of making it available, albeit as an experiment, for our Members.”

Robert Keen, the Chairman of the WG Sea and of the joint FIATA/CLECAT ITEL group that kick-started the process, also took note of the progress by stating that “we have now added one piece in the puzzle of which services will be available to FIATA members in the future. The vivid interest in using the FBL, which we have seen, especially in recent times, shows we are on the right track. The additional flexibility that an electronic formulation will give the FBL will contribute to further penetration in the sector. ESS is well connected with the UK and I am sure will make all the necessary technical expertise at our disposal in order to ensure a successful deployment at global level.”

All interested parties that may wish to raise questions or participate in the pilots are kindly invited to take contact with the FIATA Secretariat before the end of May.

Contact: Hans Günther Kersten, Director General kersten(at)

26 April 2013

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