Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award: Inspiring excellence in young logistics talents

Variety was coming in heaps for this year’s FIATA Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award (YIFFYA): the shipment of a tunnel drilling machine, a catamaran vessel, radioactive isotopes, and disaster assistance equipment were the high flying topics of the excellent dissertations which challenged the judges. So the judges came up with the four names after having tasted the taste of being tested themselves.

This award supports values such as innovative thinking, value-creating projects, knowledge and appetite for learning, whilst getting things really done. Well, it was all there! Verena Schaer the new, young and proactive Advisory Body Vocational Training Manager said: “As a young professional reading these dissertations has been very motivating; the energy and enthusiasm that working on freight inspires is a new experience for me and it’s a thrill…. The base of candidates is growing, the topics are difficult, but the candidates themselves enjoy the challenge: a real competition to win and achieve novel solutions. I have also seen that the concept of sustainable logistics is now aptly taken into account, so this lands perfectly on the theme of the Congress.”

Each regional winner has been invited to the annual FIATA World Congress, an event that attracts more than 1000 key decision makers in the freight forwarding industry. This year’s FIATA World Congress takes place in Istanbul 13th till 18th of October. That is where all four regional winners will make final individual presentations for the Steering Committee to decide who will be the overall winner of this prestigious International Award. The most outstanding dissertation will be selected according to criteria such as the complexity related to cargo movement in a multimodal environment, overcoming cross-border problems, complexity of regulatory issues as well as awareness and risk management.

The prizes include practical and academic training for a week at one of the TT Club's regional centres in Hong Kong or New Jersey, plus a week in the TT Club’s Head Office in London. Additionally, one year's subscription to the International Transport Journal (ITJ), Basel is granted to all winners, thanks to the collaboration with this prestigious publication. FIATA also grants access to its published material for the same period.

FIATA and TT Club are proud to announce the following regional finalists:

Region Africa/Middle East   

Miss Fortunate Nompumelelo Mboweni, South Africa

Region Americas

Mr Duglas Whitlock, Canada

Region Asia/Pacific

Mr Saiful Ridhwan Bin Zulkifli, Singapore

Region Europe

Mr Christian Hensen, Germany

For the next year’s Award the usual deadlines apply for nominating candidates by 15th of January 2015, which will kick-start a new process culminating in summer 2015. Read it all next year, but for now… come to Istanbul on 13ht of October and you will know who the winner is…

For more information contact Verena Schaer schaer(at)


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