E-Flash No 33 - 24 October 2011

NEW WARNING: For the second time in 3 months there is an imposter posing as the FIATA Secretariat sending spam emails to our membership.

We ask our Members to be aware of an imposter posing as the FIATA Secretariat sending spam emails to our Members requesting payment and bank details. If you have received this email, be aware that this email was not sent by the FIATA Secretariat and should be discarded immediately.

Key signs to look out for when receiving this email

  • The email addresses commonly used in the email are fiata.secretariat(at)gmail.com, ringoya(at)arrow.ocn.ne.jp and fiata.service41(at)gmail.com. Two of them are Gmail accounts and the other utilizes an ad.jp mail server. Please note that FIATA does not have any staff members operating under a Gmail account or ad.jp.
  • The email uses a generic introductory statement such as “Dear Sirs/Ms” followed by a claim which announces that under the FIATA Service Conference Resolution 762 and 767, all members are required to pay a Network Services Fee, Guarantee Fund Fee, Research & Development Fund Fee and Additional Branch Office Registration Fee. The email closes by asking you to check your records for payment and if payment has not been made please provide banking details in order to settle your payment. DO NOT provide your banking detail.
  • At the bottom of the message, the email signs off by listing Rene Zimmerman as FIATA Finance or Harrison Tyler as Finance Manager. This email was not sent by Rene Zimmerman and he does not hold the post of FIATA Finance. Also, the FIATA Secretariat does not have any staff member by the name of Harrison Tyler.

If any of these signs are evident in an email you have received or may receive, please discard the email as it is not an email from the FIATA Secretariat.

24 October 2011

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