E-Flash No 37 - 2 December 2011

The Nigeria Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) Abolished

The Nigerian Government, with consent from President Goodluck Jonathan, has approved the abolition of the Nigerian Cargo Tracking Note for all shipments into and out of Nigerian seaports with immediate effect.

In essence, no shipping line is authorized to demand the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) as a condition for cargo shipment into Nigeria. This directive takes effect 9th of November, 2011 and all shipping lines operating in Nigeria are to adhere strictly and ensure compliance.

FIATA Headquarter Session in Zurich, Switzerland on March 15-18, 2012

FIATA would like to invite you to the FIATA HQ Session held in Zurich from March 15-18, 2012. Please note that invitations, meeting programs, registration forms and travel information regarding reduced air fares will all be provided to you in the New Year, January 2012.

The ICC Transport and Logistics Commission on 16 November 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey

Such topics of particular interests to FIATA included Piracy which found that 338 attacks were reported by end of October and most attacks are shifting from the Somalia coast line to the Arabian Sea and the West of India. It was suggested a coordinated action plan from the various governments is needed in order to combat this issue.

Other topics discussed included CO2 emissions reduction initiatives, Turkish Transport law missing a law covering multimodal transport and Air Transport in Turkish regions. For more detail regarding the ICC meeting in Istanbul please refer to the FDDS for a full report.

World’s Bank Logistics Performance Index 2011 Survey

FIATA and the World Bank invite our members to participate in the Logistics Performance Index survey of 2011. The survey provides global logistics operators the ability to express their views on logistics dimensions in developed and underdeveloped countries in the fields of transportation, infrastructure and clearance procedures.

The survey can be completed online and takes approximately 20 minutes. At the end of the survey you will be provided with last year’s results of the LPI 2010. Please be aware that all information provided is kept confidential. We encourage our members to complete the survey at: http://lpisurvey.worldbank.org?comp=HKP

Malaysian Freight Forwarders to stop container deposits on December 1st, 2011

The Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF) announced on Wednesday that it will stop providing container deposits or letters of indemnity on behalf of shipping lines for the handling of containers starting December 1st of this year.

This move is expected to slow down trade movements and therefore affects the country's competitiveness in the trading market. For more information regarding container deposits stoppage please visit: http://www.btimes.com.my/Current_News/BTIMES/articles/20111123231814/Article/index_html

The General Conditions for Freight Forwarding in the Nordic regions are undergoing revisions

The General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders are widely used within the Nordic countries (ie, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). These conditions are considered to be well balanced forming the so-called “agreed document”.

Negotiations have started to revise and update these General Conditions with expectations of having completed a revised draft by summer 2012. For more information regarding the General conditions and plans of revision please visit: http://www.internationallawoffice.com/newsletters/detail.aspx?g=4fd4aece-a751-4be1-8f78-5372b8059dd0

Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) being introduced in Zimbabwe

Shipping and freight forwarding agents in Zimbabwe are set to benefit from the Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) concept that will be introduced at the country’s border. This is an internationally adopted system meant to shorten customs clearance time for recognized operators.

With the 2012 National budget in mind, the concept of AEOs are scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2012 and will help facilitate trade by giving priority treatment to recognized operators. For more information on AEOs introduction into Zimbabwe please visit:


World Customs and Trade Forum Guangzhou, China: “Operational Knowledge: The Vital Role of Trade”

The World Custom’s organisation extended an invitation to FIATA’s Chairman of the Customs Affairs Institute Mr Stephen Morris to participate in the World Customs and Trade Forum hosted by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) in conjunction with China Customs in Guangzhou 24-25 November 2011.

The forum attracted over 430 delegates and was themed “Knowledge, a Catalyst for Customs Excellence - Sharing Knowledge: Inspiration for Trade Development and Economic Prosperity.

This forum was held to give an opportunity in taking some of the vitally important information held in Customs and trade and share it in the interests of better knowledge management. To be a true catalyst for excellence not only for Customs, but for all parties involved in international trade and transport logistics.

Mr. Stephen Morris spoke at this forum under the session of “Operational Knowledge: The Vital Role of Trade”. This was an appropriate opportunity for FIATA to represent its members and present to delegates from customs administrations, industry and other kind of industry associations the position of service providers in international trade logistics and supply chain management and their role in international trade. The FIATA presentation was well received and addressed our industry's position in a Forum which was dominated by regulatory interests.

Details in relation to the Forum outcomes are available on the WCO website at the ww.wcoomd.org

Parties interested in receiving a copy of Mr Morris’ presentation should contact the FIATA Secretariat: bloch(at)fiata.com

2 December 2011

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