E-Flash No 39 - 20 January 2012

FIATA Headquarter Session Update in Zurich, Switzerland on March 15-18, 2012

We encourage all delegates wishing to participate in the FIATA Headquarter Session to visit the FIATA website and complete the registration forms confirming their attendance at this year session in Zurich. Further information regarding meetings and travel arranged can also be accessed from the FIATA website.

FIATA is pleased to announce that free internet Wi-Fi will be made available to all delegates attending this year’s Headquarter Session. For more information regarding the Headquarter Session please visit the FIATA website http://www.fiata.com/yiffy-award/introduction

YIFFY award Nomination deadline extended to January 31st, 2012

The Young International Freight Forwarders of the Year (YIFFY) nominations deadline has been extended to 31st of January, 2012. We encourage Association Members to nominate an outstanding candidate within their country giving them an opportunity to show case their experience on the world scale.

For an overview of the rules and procedures regarding the award, the 2012 topic and registration forms, which have been resent to Associations earlier this week, please visit the FIATA website: http://www.fiata.com/yiffy-award

The 6th annual FIATA RAP Field Meeting to be held on 12-14 June in Bangkok, Thailand

The RAP Field meetings provide us with a lengthy platform to discuss more deeply the various matters concerning the Regions of Asia Pacific.

The dates for the 6 annual FIATA RAP Field Meeting in conjunction with UNESCAP are confirmed and FIATA kindly invites you to make note of these dates as your participation is greatly encouraged.

The 6th FIATA Region Asia Pacific (RAP) Field Meeting

12 June 2012, Tuesday Venue: To Be Announced

The UNESCAP Regional Forum of Freight Forwarders, Multimodal Transport Operators and Logistics Service Providers

13 June 2012 Wednesday Venue: To Be Announced

UNESCAP Meeting of Chief Executive of National Associations of Freight Forwarders, Multimodal Transport Operators and Logistics Service Providers

14 June 2012 Thursday Venue: United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

We are grateful for the support, contribution and assistance we are receiving from the Thai International Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA) and for their help in ensuring a successful meeting.

The FIATA Call of Meeting with the RAP Agenda, Registration information about the venue and information about hotel accommodation and other details shall follow at a later stage.

Application deadline to host the 2015 FIATA World Congress

We encourage all Associations Members interested in hosting the 2015 FIATA World Congress to submit their application before the deadline of June 30th, 2012. Your letter of intent as well as your final bid should reach the FIATA Secretariat by this deadline in order to be h3ly considered by the extended board.

The main criteria for the final selection of the venue depend on easy to reach location, Visa requirements, safety and security, business opportunity and local sponsorship opportunities. FIATA looks forward to receiving all bids interested in host the 2015 FIATA World Congress.

New License to be requested in Argentina - Declaración Jurada Anticipada de Importación (DJAI)

According to new import customs regulations in Argentina (AFIP RG 3252), a new license, the DJAI has to be requested for shipments conducted by Air, Sea or Truck with transport documents dated after 31st of January 2012. This essentially means that AWB or B/L dated 31.1.2012 are not allowed to be imported as importers must have previously requested and authorized the new DJAI special import license.

For exporters wanting to ship to Argentina on February 1st 2012, they must make sure that the importer has the new DJAI on hand. If cargo arrives into Argentina and the DJAI license is not presented, the imported cargo must be “reshipped”.

For more information regarding the new DJAI license please visit: http://www.afip.gob.ar/djai/

Government Vows 30pc cut in fuel price which ends Nigeria’s general strike

Nigeria's general strike over the doubling of fuel prices, that closed the country's ports and much of its transport, has been ended by the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress. With the strike over, the ports are expected to take several days before backlogs are cleared and operations return to normal.

The government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol to NGN97 (US$0.59) per liter, a 30% reduction from its original prices. For more information regarding the end of the Nigerian strike please visit: http://www.seanews.com.tr/article/TURSHIP/PORTS/74379/

Increasing Efficiency at the Port of Mombasa through management shake up

The government of Kenya has announced that a series of changes are to be implemented at the port of Mombasa in order to combat rising levels of inefficiency and congestion that have led to several ocean carriers imposing surcharges in cargo moved through the port.

In other moves, the Kenya Port Authority (KPA) is to increase its tariff and reduce free storage time for collection of domestic containers from five to four days and transit containers from eleven to nine days starting February 1st. For more information regarding changes to the port of Mombasa please visit: http://www.ifw-net.com/freightpubs/ifw/index/port-of-mombasa-moves-to-clean-up-its-act/20017932673.htm

20 January 2012

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