E-Flash No 42 - 23 March 2012

A look inside the 2012 FIATA Headquarter Session held in Zurich, Switzerland from 16-18 March

FIATA would like to thank all delegates who attended the HQ session and hoped they had a wonderful stay in Zurich. The FIATA Headquarter Session hosted a record setting 261 active participants from 61 countries around the world. We believe this is a good sign in anticipation of record numbers in Los Angeles this fall.

The session was engaging allowing attendees to meet between and after meetings to discuss pressing topics. Many of the attendees made favorable comments on the lively approach they heard in the deliberations and appreciated some additional services provided at the venue such as free internet.

E-learning platform Introduced at the HQ Session in Zurich, Switzerland

FIATA unveiled its new E-learning platform at this year HQ Session. The platform aims to host and support FIATA’s Association Members as they implement their training programs in an online environment. The demonstration provided in Zurich emphasized the ease of usability of the platform and the benefits for all Associations who adopt this approach of learning. A new dedicated web domain has will be announced in the coming weeks to enable worldwide outreach.

FIATA will be enrolling interested Association Members in an 8-week online training course that will teach Association Members how to utilize the platform. Additionally, we will create test accounts that will provide new users with access to all the functionality on the FIATA platform. For Associations members interested in receiving training or simply wish to have access to the platform please contact Bassil Eid at eid(at)fiata.com.

Validated and Re-validated Training Programs at the 2012 FIATA Headquarter Session in Zurich, Switzerland

On 14 March 2012, the Validation Committee of the Advisory Body Vocational Training (ABVT) successfully validated or re-validated the training programmes of the following Association Members:

  • Bulgaria (NSBS) - Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics

  • Canada (CIFFA) - Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association

  • Isl. Rep. of Iran (ITCA) - International Transport Companies Association of Iran

  • Slovakia (ZLZ SR) - Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of Slovak Republic

  • Ukraine (AIFFU and UZT) - Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine and Association of Transport

  • Forwarding Organisations, Zimbabwe (SFAAZ) - The Shipping & Forwarding Agent's Association of Zimbabwe

  • The training material, which is primarily based on the 14 modules of the FIATA Minimum Standards (FMST), need to be submitted every four years to ensure that programs remain current and meet the standard requirements of the industry.

FIATA’s Advisory Body Vocational Training (ABVT) invites those Association Members that have validated training material to come forward for Re-Validation where applicable. The ABVT also encourages other Association Members to have their training material validated in order to offer the FIATA Diploma within their respective countries.

ABVT – Advisory Body Vocational Training

The meeting, chaired by Mr Thomas Sim (SLA, Singapore), touched on numerous subjects beginning with Mr Ivan Liptuga, Deputy Chairman ABVT, focussing on general activities of ABVT, Regional Training Centres and planned cooperation on training with international organisations.

The meeting continued with a presentation on E-learning followed by a demonstration of the FIATA E-learning platform. Closing the meeting was Mr. Bill Gottlieb providing further information on the ICAO FIATA dangerous goods training program.

ABDG – Advisory Body of Dangerous Goods

On 17 March 2012, Mr Frank Huster chaired the meeting of the Advisory Body Dangerous Goods (ABDG) at the FIATA HQ Session 2012 where he highlighted the adopted proposals of the ADR/RID 2013 (land transport of dangerous goods) at the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) in their Bodies WP.15 and Joint Meeting.

The Chairman also advised the delegates on the status of the regulatory work programme of Telematics (electronic monitoring of Dangerous Goods transports) and outlined further steps.

Mrs Christine D’Arcy, Deputy Chairperson ABDG outlined the changes in the Air mode IATA DGR, 53rd Edition, ICAO-TI, Edition 2011/2012. She gave an important presentation on carriage of Lithium batteries by air and highlighted the changes coming into effect from 1st January 2013. The delegates were also provided further information regarding the ICAO-FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Programme.

Regarding Sea mode, Mrs D’Arcy pointed out that IMDG Code (Amendment 35-10) only came into mandatory effect from the 1st January 2012 and could continue to be used up to and including the 31st December 2013. Certain States would adopt IMDG code 36-12 from the 1st January 2013 but others might wait until its use becomes mandatory on the 1st January 2014.

Experts from ABDG will attend the next Joint Meeting (19 - 23 March 2012, in Bern, Switzerland) and the UNECE WP.15 Session (8 - 10 May 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland)

MTI - Multimodal Transport Institute

The Multimodal Transport Institute meeting, chaired by Mr Chris Gillespie, focused on policy changes in China’s tax structure that was enacted by the Chinese State Council. A Value Added Tax Program (VAT) has been implemented, with Shanghai being chosen to be the pilot city for this VAT reform. This new regulation requires all registered companies to issue VAT invoices for all services provided. The VAT rate for the Logistics and International Freight Forwarding industry is 6%.

Market information is that some freight forwarders have introduced 6% VAT on their export invoices from 1st January meanwhile other firms have not. The practice of charging VAT on export is not common in the international trading community with emerging information suggesting that an export shipment should be rated zero. It should be noted that the VAT reforms are simply a pilot test and things could change in the coming months.

CAI - Customs Affairs Institute

The meeting provided an opportunity for delegates to recap the work undertaken by CAI. The CAI Chairman, Mr. Steve Morris, highlighted the need to have a clear distinction between transport and information on trade transaction.

FIATA tightened its standpoint on the Dual Filing for Advance Security Declaration and proposed deflections regarding the single filing system. More WCO initiatives with emphasis on security and safety were also discussed and taken into consideration.

Position paper: Dual Filing approach on the ADVANCE SECURITY DECLARATION in accordance with the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards

AFI - Airfreight Institute

The AFI meeting noted encouraging movements in improving relationships with IATA. This was highlighted through a recent meeting between FIATA’s Immediate Past President Mr Jean-Claude Delen and the IATA’s CEO and Director-General, Mr Tony Tyler.

The meeting stated that FIATA received confirmation given by IATA’s Director General in favour of IATA’s Global Head of Cargo, Mr Des Vertannes in order to pave the way into a renewed partnership.

IATA ‘s World Cargo Symposium in Kuala Lumpur was held during the same days as the FIATA-HQ Session where Tony Tyler stated, as taken from an IATA Press Release NO 08, IATA must work closely with industry partners for example working to modernize the cargo agency program in close collaboration with FIATA. This improved relationship should allow for a fundamental change in the Agency Program built on an accreditation system into a modern dialogue mechanism between equal industry partners.

Region Africa and Middle East (RAME) meeting update from HQ session in Zurich held on 16 March

The RAME delegates expressed their intentions to become more actively involved in the Advisory Bodies, Institutes and Working Groups of FIATA. The meeting followed with a presentation regarding the next RAME field meeting to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on 25 and 26 June 2012.

The Chairman, Issa Baluch, was happy to announce that Egypt would be putting forth an extremely qualified candidate for the Young Freight Forwarder of the Year. The meeting concluded with an announcement that the selected country for the next train-the-trainer (TOT) course would be Tanzania.

6th Field meeting of Association Members in the region of Asia/Pacific will be held in Bangkok on June 12, 2012

The 6th field meeting will be held at the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel on June 12, 2012. The field meeting will be held in conjunction with UNESCAP meetings giving delegates an opportunity to combine neighboring interests.

FIATA encourages all delegates from the region to attend the meeting, as it is an opportunity to address specific and relevant regional topics. If interested in attending or wish to know more information, please contact Daniel Bloch at bloch(at)fiata.com.

Greater detail regarding all the meetings from 2012 FIATA Headquarter Session held in Zurich, Switzerland will be available to you in our upcoming FIATA Review.

23 March 2012

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