E-Flash No 43 - 20 April 2012

Digitalization of FIATA Documents: Project Update

FIATA is pursuing the development of a digital environment that will allow our members to utilize the FIATA documents in an online format eliminating paper waste. The documents you are currently familiar with will be transposed into digital copies facilitating the entire documentation process.

The project has reached the stage of development and we are currently searching for a suitable technical provider with the capabilities of developing the platform. FIATA has released an Expression of Interest (EOI) that can be found on our website www.fiata.com inviting all technical providers to place their bid and potentially become partners with FIATA. We encourage our members to spread the word in order to facilitate our search. Direct access to the EOI can be found here: http://www.fiata.com/fileadmin/light_author/dateien/Expression_of_Interest.pdf

All Members that interested to hear more about this crucial project in FIATA’s activities are more than welcome to participate in the workshop that will be held in Leipzig within the framework of the International Transport Forum (www.internationaltransportforum.org) on May 2nd 2012.

FIATA E-learning Platform Training is Now Available – Registration closes April 26th, 2012

The FIATA E-learning Project is progressing quickly with Association Members visiting the platform and connecting with the functions available. All interested Association Members have been given access to the platform through a username and password.

In order to get our Associations familiar with how to use the FIATA E-learning platform and learn how to build their programs in an online environment, we recommend enrolling into the 8 week-online training course delivered by Enovation Solutions. The course starts on Monday, April 30th and costs 130 euros including support from Enovation Solutions and FIATA. If you require more information on the FIATA E-learning platform or are interested in receiving training, you must register by contacting Bassil Eid at eid(at)fiata.com before April 26th, 2012.

FIATA Introduces Electronic Certificates

FIATA Association Members with validated courses leading to FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding now have the additional option of receiving diploma certificates electronically, at the reduced cost of CHF 50/- per certificate. These electronic certificates will look almost the same as the currently available ones, and will bear the same details. After the usual formalities are fulfilled and payment has been received, the certificates will be sent by the Secretariat to the Association Members in PDF format. The forms can then be printed locally on suitable paper. For more details, please contact info(at)fiata.com

The current option of receiving hard copies of certificates, printed and dispatched from the Secretariat in Switzerland for CHF150/- per certificate, continues to be available for those who value an original sent from Switzerland.”

WARNING: Individuals posing as IATA officials sending emails to our members requesting payments

Our Members should be aware of individuals posing as IATA Financial Service officials (obviously with no such credentials) sending out emails asking for debt settlement payments into a specified account. These individuals are posing as Brain Thomas (beware of possible name changes) sent from the email address iatai1@who-needs-spam.aol.com. If you receive such emails, please be aware that following such instructions may lead to loss of money and/or property.

6th Field meeting of Association Members in the region of Asia/Pacific will be held in Bangkok on June 12, 2012

The 6th field meeting of RAP will be held at the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel on June 12, 2012. The field meeting will be held in conjunction with UNESCAP meetings giving delegates an opportunity to combine neighboring interests.

FIATA encourages all delegates from the region to attend the meeting, as it is an opportunity to address specific and relevant regional topics. If interested in attending or wishing to know more about this event, please visit the following link, http://www.fiata.com/fileadmin/light_author/dateien/6th_RAP_Field_Meeting_Information_on_FIATA_Web-site.pdf

The 2012 Annual Summit, presented by the International Transport Forum, will be held in Leipzig, Germany from the 2nd – 4th of May

The 2012 annual summit, themed “Seamless Transport: Making Connections”, will host 53 ministers from member countries of the International Transport Forum which will meet with business leaders and top transport experts to help advance the transport policy agenda.

The sessions will link to the theme of the summit with topics such as supply chain, the future of travel, developing connectivity and E-mobility for the future. For more information regarding the 2012 summit, please visit http://2012.internationaltransportforum.org/

Please note FIATA is organising a workshop at the forum in conjunction with CLECAT (www.clecat.org) on the issue of digitalisation of transport documents in general and FIATA documents in particular.

20 April 2012

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