E-Flash No 47 - 24 August 2012

Notable Speakers at the 2012 FIATA World Congress in L.A held October 8-12

The Los Angeles congress will line up an unprecedented number of high-level speakers, who accepted to address our audience. Dr. Jonathan Brewer, UN Panel of Experts on Iran will explain the mechanism of sanctions in transport services during the MTI Forum.

The ABSM will host Mrs. Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT, who will speak about Trucking Security in Europe and Mr Jason Beardall, Executive Vice President, England Logistics Inc. who will deal with Trucking Security in the US.

The ABDG meeting will host Dr Katherine Rooney, Chief, Dangerous Goods Section, ICAO and Cynthia Hilton, VP Government Affairs, Institute of Makers of Explosives who will deliver speeches in their respective domains.

The CAI meeting will hear the key note speech delivered by Mr ZHU Gaozhang, Director Compliance and Facilitation at WCO, with great anticipation, about the WCO high level agenda in facilitation and compliance. CAI will also host Ms Brenda Brockman Smith, Executive Director, Office of International Trade U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) who will be discussing United States Customs and Border Protection Trade Policy Initiatives.

This is an opportunity for all FIATA Members to hear vital information on the way our business is evolving from the very individuals who shape the business and regulatory environment. Do not miss this rare opportunity! Please register for the FIATA Wold Congress in Los Angeles at:


Transport Security Expo 2012 - 14-15 November - London Olympia

Transport Security Expo brings airports and airlines, port and vessel operators and mass transit companies together annually, in a unique high level and secure conference, workshop and exhibition environment, devised to promote close cooperation on security issues across these globally strategic domain spaces. Transport Security Expo will next convene on 14-15 November 2012 at London Olympia.

FIATA members receive 40% discount off the full conference price. To receive your discount please contact Bassil Eid at eid(at)fiata.com. He will provide you with an insert code that you must input upon registration of the expo.

For more information and to register upon receiving your insert code click here: www.transec.com/FIATA


Please ensure you have acquired a VISA to travel into the U.S for the 2012 FIATA World Congress in Los Angeles, if your passport requires a visa.

The FIATA 2012 World Congress has been registered with the U.S. State Department Business Visa Center. In order to travel to the US for a professional or business conference, many international visitors must apply for a visitor business visa (B-1).

As a general planning guideline, if a visa is needed, a foreign traveler should apply for his or her visa as soon as possible, and no later than 60 days before the travel date. For further information on visa applications, visit http://travel.state.gov/?utm_source=PreConference+Workshops&utm_campaign=FIATA+7.20.12+Blast&utm_medium=email click on Visas

The WCO-EAC Trade Facilitation Program Portal is now online

The East African Community launched its pilot program under a regional project of the WCO-EAC Programme. The portal will be a constant source of information about WCO-EAC activities, contributors powering the project, documentation and a whole host of other resources.

The portal will relay such information about the policies that the five countries have signed off on and standard operating procedures developed. It will specify the benefits agreed upon for the pilot and WCO-EAC is preparing for a verification mission to specify the kind of controls required for each benefit in relation to the choice of the operator. For more information on the new portal please visit http://www.wcoeac-tfp.net/

THE ICAO TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS are being utilized in the ICAO/FIATA competency- based Dangerous Goods by air training-programme*.

From a legal perspective, the Technical Instructions are the only authentic regulations for the international transport of dangerous goods by air based on recommendation from the UN Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the International Atomic Energy Agency for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials. Under the provisions of the Chicago Convention, ICAO’s 190 Contracting States are required to have inspection and enforcement procedures for all modes of transports to ensure that dangerous goods are being carried in compliance with the Technical Instructions. A new edition of the Instructions is published every two years with availability in five languages: English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.


Since the Technical Instructions are the legal source of regulations for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air, all other regulations for air must be based on them. Although there may be differences in the layout and the structure, the content is virtually the same. The Instructions are divided into eight parts and four attachments. The attachments contain the list of proper shipping names in UN number order, a glossary, State and operator variations, and an index. Because the legal regulations for all modes of transport follow the same structure as the UN Model Regulations, anyone familiar with the regulations for sea, road, or rail would find it easy to adapt to the structure of the Technical Instructions.

*IATA accreditation staff are instructed as per IATA CAC Resolution changes effective 1st July 2012 to accept the FIATA Dangerous Goods Training Certificates under the IATA Cargo Agency Programme.

The ICAO Technical Instructions is offered at an exclusive price ONLY for FIATA member for USD$ 120.00. To order your copy please contact fiata(at)icao.int or call + 1 514-954-8022. For more information you can also contact training(at)fiata.com

For more information on ICAO’s published Addendum No. 5 to the 2011-2012 Edition of the Technical Instruction (Doc9284) please consult the following link:


24 August 2012

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