E-Flash No 55 - 26 April 2013

1. Warning: fraud e-mails illicitly sent in the name of FIATA

The FIATA Secretariat has been informed that fraud e-mails have been sent to some of our members, in the name of FIATA, allegedly asking for the payment of unpaid invoices with FIATA. Kindly be informed, that e-mails from the following e-mail addresses and with the following subject titles are fraudulent (these are only those that we are aware of, and there may indeed be others):

accounts(at)fiatapayments.com or clearinghouse(at)fiatapayments.com with the following subject title: FIATA UNPAID INVOICE; or any other addresses from the fiatapayments.com domain.

Please do NOT answer such e-mails and delete these emails immediately. In case you have any doubts kindly contact the FIATA Secretariat directly.

2. e-FBL pilots to start soon

The Secretariat has recently sent a note to the FIATA Association Members that the registration for pilots on the issuance of the electronic format of the FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading is now open and pilots are expected to start soon. Interested parties are encouraged to take contact with the Secretariat of FIATA or their relevant FIATA Association Member. 

3. FIATA Review issued electronically

FIATA is pleased to inform its membership that our upcoming FIATA Review will be issued in electronic format on our website. The link to the FIATA Review, No. 97, will be sent via email to all our members and subscribers in May. We are pleased to be making this change in-line with our commitment to the environment, and hope this is a positive move towards the future. Our July edition of the FIATA Review will also be published electronically however our October and December edition will be published in paper-based format and mailed to all subscribers by regular airmail. Should you require a hard copy of the FIATA Review for any reason, please feel free to contact the FIATA Secretariat.

4. Declaration of Effectiveness of Multilateral e-AWB Agreement

Following the recent Airfreight Institute Meeting, FIATA’s Press Release published on 27 March 2013 announced globally that the Multilateral Electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) standard has been approved – removing the need for bilateral e-AWB agreements between airlines and freight forwarders. Airlines will have a single agreement with IATA that enables them to accept e-AWBs from all participating freight forwarders, while freight forwarders will have a single agreement that will allow them to tender e-AWB shipments to multiple airlines at numerous airports worldwide. 

Collaborating closely, IATA and FIATA, together with some of their members, developed and tested the multilateral e-AWB standard in 2012. After the endorsement by the IATA/FIATA Consultative Council in February 2013, and the approval by the IATA Cargo Services Conference of the multilateral e-AWB as the new IATA Resolution 672 in March, the standard has now been declared effective, with the filing period for all governments ending on 15 April 2013. The necessary formalities with the US authorities to declare it effective have been favourably concluded. IATA’s memo on the subject can be found at the following link:

5. IATA e-Air Waybill Guide

IATA has released an informative guide for freight forwarders with a step-by-step description of the procedure that must be followed in order to engage with the e-AWB. This guide can be accessed at the following link:

6. RAP Field Meeting

FIATA invites all delegates from the Region Asia Pacific, as well as those with interests in the region, to the upcoming RAP Field Meeting in Sri Lanka. This will be the 7th of its kind and will be held in conjunction with the meetings of UNESCAP to ease the travel burdens of parties with interests in both sessions. FIATA’s meeting will be held on 5 June 2013 while those of UNESCAP will take place on 6-7 June. The deadline for registration has been extended until Monday, 20 May 2013. For more information and instructions on the registration procedure please visit the following link:

7. RAME Field Meeting

RAME’s annual Field Meeting will be held 19-21 June 2013 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  This session is expected to be well-attended and will offer excellent opportunities for networking with representatives from the Region. For more information and instructions for registration, please visit the dedicated event website at the following link:

8. Rail Market Place Seminar in Vienna

FIATA and the International Union of Railways (UIC) successfully hosted the 5th edition of the Rail Market Place Seminar entitled “Intercontinental Corridors  –  New opportunities for Rail Freight?”, in Vienna, Austria from 18 to 19 April 2013. The event was supported by the Rail Cargo Austria Group, IBS, and the Zentralverband Spedition und Logistik. It was attended by more than 100 participants from over 20 countries including railway undertakings, freight forwarders and customers.

A wide range of high level speakers provided various presentations and inputs into how railway transportation could be strategically developed on international transport corridors. In the near future, more concentrated action will be required for all involved parties to reach sufficient success in these ambitious projects to improve rail transportation. All Market Place presentations can be downloaded from the dedicated website:

9. German toll charges

In its judgment of 25 October 2012, the administrative appeals tribunal in Muenster, Germany acknowledged that the statutory order on toll levels did not meet all the requirements of the German law on motorway tolls for heavy utility vehicles, as the allocation of costs does not differentiate sufficiently between the individual vehicles within an "axle class". The ineffectiveness of the statutory order means that all of the toll charges received during this period were partly collected unlawfully.

The reimbursement of these toll charges, however, is restricted by the statute of limitation imposed by the German Administrative Costs Act. All charges paid before 1 January 2010 are no longer reclaimable because the corresponding reimbursement claims are statute-barred. In spite of this, the toll charges paid during the last one and a half years of the applicability of the statutory order on toll levels can be reclaimed under certain circumstances. Widespread attempts are being made to suspend the statute of limitations for the reimbursement claims until the Federal Administrative Court makes its final judgment.

10. The ATA System

The term "ATA" is a combination of the initial letters of the French words "Admission Temporaire" and the English words "Temporary Admission".  The ATA System allows free movement of goods across frontiers and their temporary admission into a Customs territory with suspension from duties and taxes. The Republic of Madagascar has joined the ATA system on 22 April 2013. For more information regarding the ATA system, please visit the following link:

11. Pakistan accedes to COTIF: an important extension of the scope of application

Pakistan has submitted its application for accession to the COTIF (i.e. OTIF) on 21 February 2013. OTIF Member States will consult until 7 June 2013 and provided there are no objections Pakistan will accede to COTIF on 1 September 2013, becoming the 49th Member State. Until now Pakistan has limited its participation in COTIF to the CIM Uniform Rules only.

The application of COTIF/CIM and the use of the CIM consignment note, greatly simplify border-crossing and international freight services between Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. Fast and secure freight handling will result from the newfound legal interoperability which will provide rapid transfer of containers from 1676 mm gauge wagons to 1435 mm gauge wagons in Zahedan, Iran.

This will mean that rail freight shipments between Europe and the Middle East will be possible via a direct train service from Islamabad to Istanbul through the Marmaray Tunnel, after the use of the CIM consignment note was contractually agreed for the entire line, including the section through Pakistan.


26 April 2013

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