Special E-Flash No 62 - 22 November 2013

Dear Members of FIATA,

FIATA was informed that a number of members, who are IATA agents, might have received IATA’s annual agency fee containing the equivalent of USD 15.00 for both 2013 and 2014, with reference that these be “FIATA fees”. FIATA was also made aware that those who had inquired received responses from the relevant IATA offices which they did not find satisfactory.

We must try to restore good order and provide explanation where is missing or further clarification where incorrect or insufficient information might have been provided. This requires a note from FIATA to its AFI affiliates and this is why I am now writing to you.

As you are all aware, FIATA and IATA have concurred that the nearly 50 years old IATA Cargo Agency Programme had become ineffective and a new Cargo Programme, open to the realities of today’s market, was necessary. This negotiation is costly (meetings, travelling and legal advice as it may be necessary) and cannot be imposed on the entire FIATA constituency, because it only concerns airfreight, hence this additional, significant cost cannot come to FIATA from the ordinary sources of revenue.

Utilising the traditional IATA charging system in order to achieve targeted funding seemed the most straightforward solution and this was agreed upon by IATA. The following ad-hoc note was supposed to be attached to IATA’s 2014 annual statements:

‘Following a review by the CAConf , it was determined that an increase in the Agency Programme fees was warranted to fund greater industry involvement in the Cargo Agency Programme renewal and Cargo Programme creation. The only way these Programmes can be created and successfully maintained for the benefit of the Air Cargo Industry is by strengthening the cooperation between IATA and FIATA, which also requires some form of funding, specific to the air cargo industry. Therefore your January 2014 invoice for Cargo Agency Programme fees will reflect a one-time additional charge to facilitate the support of these Programmes. The required fees cover the years 2013 and 2014, a time when much time and effort has been devoted, and will be devoted.’

Unfortunately, the agreed text did not reach all of you in all parts of the world and this has created some considerable confusion. FIATA regrets that the information was not conveyed in time or was conveyed differently and apologises for this inconvenience, even though this does not depend on the FIATA’s communication system.

We trust this explanation clarifies the issue and explains why a very moderate contribution is necessary and why, regretfully, you were not timely informed.We thank you for your understanding and count on your support, whilst remaining open to your comments as appropriate.

Rudi Sagel

Chairman of the Airfreight Institute.


22 November 2013

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