E-Flash No 73 - 20 May 2014

Announcing the new FIATA website

The FIATA Secretariat announces the new FIATA website. Not only does the new webpage have an updated look, it features new functionality as well, in the form of an easy to use automated system for new member registration. The second phase, expected to be launched later this year, will introduce an online FIATA shop which will enable members to execute their orders on line and proceed to payment all in one go.

Much testing has taken place and results are now comfortable for the launch, however new endeavors always bear a degree of risk. If any users perceive defects or malfunctions in the new website we shall deal with them as soon as they are brought to our attention by emailing us at info@fiata.com.

Please visit the FIATA webpage to view the updates: www.fiata.com



20 May 2014


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