e-Flash No. 176 - 22 May 2018


EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on Friday, 25th May

The new regulation of European Union on protection of personal data, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will be officially implemented as of this Friday, 25th May 2018. It marks a substantial step taken on the way of enhanced protection of individual privacy and will affect not only EU companies, but also non-EU enterprise that process personal data of EU residents.

GDPR contains a wide range of requirements on affected enterprises in data protection, such as collecting data only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, obtaining data with consent of the individual (except there is legal or contractual bases to do so), ensuring appropriate security of the data. Sanctions for non-compliance can be up to €20 million or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year whichever is greater

FIATA reminds members and global freight forwarders to review their data protection rules and procedures, abide by the new regulation and, if needed, seek legal advices of a lawyer or the EU data supervisory authorities. Full text of GDPR can be found on https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=uriserv:OJ.L_.2016.119.01.0001.01.ENG. List of EU data supervisory authorities can be found on http://ec.europa.eu/justice/article-29/structure/data-protection-authorities/index_en.htm



2018 RAME Field Meeting in Doula, Cameroon May 3-5th – A Success

The recent 2018 RAME Field Meeting held in Douala, Cameroon was a great success. The meeting attracted distinguished speakers from local organisations to international bodies who discussed the future of trade, not only in the Africa Middle East region but around the world.

It was an instrumental meeting for the region of West Africa that helped shine a spotlight on trade leading to economic growth. A great thank you goes to Syndicat National Des Auxiliaries De Transports et De Transit (SYNAUTRATRA).

FIATA and the Union of African Shipper’s council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the meeting and will look to identify areas of collaboration for implementation. The MoU was signed by Mr. Basil Pietersen, SVP of FIATA on behalf of the FIATA President Mr. Babar Badat.

Details of the event can be viewed here -  https://rame2018.com/


UTICAD Receives Low Carbon Award

Fifth Istanbul Carbon Summit, organized by the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D), was held on 26 April 2018 at the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Istanbul Technical University.

The Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers UTIKAD, which is among the supporters of the summit, received the 'Low Carbon Hero Award' for 'Sustainable Logistics Certificate’ that is developed by UTIKAD in cooperation with Bureau Veritas for the logistics industry.

For more details, please visit: https://www.transportjournal.com/en/home/news/artikeldetail/utikad-receives-low-carbon-award.html



African Union Youth Volunteer Corps - 9th Batch AU-YVC Recruitment

The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC), established in 2010, is a continental development program that promotes youth volunteerism in Africa. The program aims to deepen the status of young people as key actors in Africa's development targets and goals.

Young African professionals are recruited to serve for a period of 12 months as AU Volunteers in an AU Member State other than their own. The next intake of volunteers for deployment in 2019 will be from the 15 – 31st May 2018.

For more details, please visit: https://au.int/en/announcements/20180511/call-applications9th-batch-au-yvc-recruitment


DG Azevêdo Launches Report on Role of Trade in the Sustainable Development Goals

WTO Director General Roberto Azevêdo met United Nations Secretary General António Guterres on May 3rd to present him with a new WTO report on how trade is contributing to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The new publication — entitled “Mainstreaming trade to attain the SDGs” — looks at how engaging in international trade can help countries gain access to new markets and new investment, thus boosting growth, raising living standards and promoting sustainable development.

For more details please visit: https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/news18_e/sdgs_03may18_e.htm

WTO Opens Online Registration for 2018 Public Forum

Online registration for the 2018 Public Forum is now open. Under the main theme of “Trade 2030”, the Forum’s sub-themes will be sustainable trade, technology-enabled trade, and a more inclusive trading system. The Forum will be held at the WTO headquarters in Geneva from 2 to 4 October.

Those interested in attending the Forum should complete the online registration form no later than 16 September 2018.

For more details, please visit: https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/news18_e/pf18_01may18_e.htm


WTO Members intensify work to ensure implementation of Trade Facilitation Agreement

WTO members intensified work to ensure the full implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) at the 2 May meeting of the Committee on Trade Facilitation, which was followed by a dedicated session on technical assistance and support for capacity building. Members also elected a new Committee chair, Ambassador Dalia Kadišienė (Lithuania).

The United States, the European Union, Canada and China further suggested that members include more stocktaking discussions on the progress of TFA implementation in future Committee meetings.

For more details, please visit: https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/news18_e/fac_02may18_e.htm

UNCTAD - Rapid Technological Change Threatens to Outpace Public Policy

The dizzying speed of technological change – from Big Data to gene editing – risks leaving governments behind, unleashing both positive and negative unknown social and economic effects, participants at a meeting of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development, hosted by UNCTAD in Geneva, Switzerland, heard on the opening day of its 21st session on 14 May.

“The pace of political decision-making – and its implementation – is inversely proportional to that of technological change,” UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General Isabelle Durant said in opening remarks.

For more details, please visit: http://unctad.org/en/pages/newsdetails.aspx?OriginalVersionID=1754&Sitemap_x0020_Taxonomy=Commission%20on%20Science%20and%20Technology%20for%20Development;#1570;#Science,%20Technology%20and%20Innovation;#20;#UNCTAD%20Home


UNCTAD's eTrade for All Celebrates First Year with a Bang

In just one year, the UNCTAD-led eTrade for all initiative has delivered impressive results, many of which took centre stage at E-Commerce Week, the main global forum on the development opportunities and challenges of the digital economy.

First unveiled during UNCTAD’s last ministerial conference, held in Nairobi in July 2016, eTrade for all become operational on 25 April 2017 when the online platform was launched.

For more details, please visit: http://unctad.org/en/pages/newsdetails.aspx?OriginalVersionID=1738&Sitemap_x0020_Taxonomy=UNCTAD%20Home;#2140;#e-Trade%20for%20All;#1713;#Information%20and%20Communication%20Technologies


UNCTAD - East African Nations can help Empower Women through Trade Policies

East African nations can harness their trade policies to help empower women economically in the region, thanks to improvements in education, employment and other key areas, according to new research released by UNCTAD and funded by the Netherlands through TradeMark East Africa, a trade promotion agency.

The report – East African Community Regional Integration: Trade and Gender Implications – analyses the impact of East African Community (EAC) regional integration on women's wellbeing in five of the six EAC countries: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, the United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda.

For more details, please visit: http://unctad.org/en/pages/newsdetails.aspx?OriginalVersionID=1747&Sitemap_x0020_Taxonomy=UNCTAD%20Home;#1569;#Trade,%20Gender%20and%20Development

UNECA - AfCFTA a Milestone in Africa’s Journey Towards Prosperity Says Morocco

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a major milestone that will no doubt lead to a prosperous integrated Africa that is less dependent on outside sources for its wellbeing, Morocco’s Economy and Finance Minister, Mohamed Boussaid, said Monday.

The Minister appealed to countries that are yet to sign-up to the agreement to do so, saying ‘there are no losers, we are all winners’ with the AfCFTA, especially when it becomes fully operational, opening the way to free trade throughout Africa, facilitating member countries’ industrialisation and economic diversification and ensuring sustainable, employment generating growth for the whole region.

For more details, please visit: https://www.uneca.org/stories/afcfta-milestone-africa%E2%80%99s-journey-towards-prosperity-says-morocco%E2%80%99s-finance-minister


UNECA - Given the Right Conditions, Smaller Countries will Benefit from AfCFTA

ECA’s Executive Secretary Vera Songwe led in Addis-Ababa a High-level Ministerial Dialogue on “The African Continental Free Trade Area: creating fiscal space for jobs and economic diversification,” following the launch of the Ministerial segment of the 51stConference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

The debate took place with the participation of several high-level officials and covered a variety of topics related to the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) such as the various stages of its implementation, including internal reforms needed for member countries to fully benefit from the AfCFTA, the strategic decisions needed to maximize countries’ competitiveness, or taxation issues and the importance of international cooperation in this field.

For more details, please visit: https://www.uneca.org/stories/given-right-conditions-smaller-countries-could-benefit-more-afcfta


WCO Pre-Accreditation Workshop on Single Window for the Asia/Pacific Region

From 22 to 27 April 2018, the WCO conducted a Pre-Accreditation Workshop on the Single Window Environment in the WCO Regional Training Centre on Gulangyu Island, People’s Republic of China, with the support of the Chinese Customs Co-operation Fund (CCF/China).

The demand from WCO Members for capacity building in the area of Single Window implementation has increased, especially as many Members are outsourcing work to private consultancy companies to leverage private sector efficiencies related to automation of business processes.

For more details, please visit: http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2018/may/wco-pre-accreditation-workshop-on-the-single-window-environment.aspx


WCO – The Americas Regions Enhances Capacity on Digital Customs and E-Commerce

The WCO with the support of Brazil Revenue Authority (Secretaria da Receita Federal do Brasil) and Korean Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF/Korea) conducted a Regional Workshop on Digital Customs and E-Commerce for the South America, North America, Central America and the Caribbean Region from 7 to 10 May 2018, in Brasilia, Brazil.

The Workshop benefitted 28 middle and senior management officials, involved with the policy-making and implementation of ICT and E-Commerce initiatives, from 22 Customs Administrations (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Brazil).

For more details, please visit: http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2018/may/the-south-america-north-america-central-america-and-the-caribbean-region.aspx


WCO - ASEAN Directors-General of Customs Meeting

At the invitation of Mr. Dato Subromaniam Tholasy, Director General of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General, visited Langkawi, Malaysia on 1 May 2018 to meet Members of the 10 ASEAN countries attending the 2018 ASEAN Directors-General of Customs Meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Tholasy.

Secretary General Mikuriya discussed matters of interest for the ASEAN Directors-General (DGs), such as e-commerce, the use of technology and Performance Measurement.  He welcomed the practices, inputs and concerns that ASEAN Customs DGs had shared with him with a view to better shaping the WCO’s agenda.

For more details, please visit: http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2018/may/asean-directors-general-of-customs-meeting.aspx



ICAO and UN CTED Strengthen Cooperation on Border Control and Aviation Security

ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu and the Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED), Ms. Michèle Coninsx, took an important step to address international terrorist threats. 

The two leaders met in Montréal to sign a new agreement which will now greatly strengthen and enhance their agencies’ cooperation and information sharing relating to border controls, aviation security and counter-terrorism, and which will support key United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding international priorities for aligned counter-terrorism response. 

For more details, please visit: https://www.icao.int/Newsroom/Pages/ICAO-and-UN-CTED-to-strengthen-cooperation-on-border-control,-aviation-security,-and-counter-terrorism-issues.aspx


ICAO Unites with Regions to Explore Approaches to Cyber Threats in Civil Aviation

ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu addressed government and industry safety experts in Bucharest earlier last week when she helped to launch the UN aviation agency’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation Summit.

“In an industry as interconnected as air transport, we cannot lose sight of the fact that a single cyber incident will likely impact multiple companies and stakeholders,” Dr. Liu emphasized. “Almost daily, new and more sophisticated digital processes are coming online with impacts on the efficient management of our network, and the ability of airline and airport operators to serve their customers.”

For more details, please visit: https://www.icao.int/Newsroom/Pages/ICAO-unites-European-Middle-East-and-African-countries-to-explore-new-approaches-to-cyber-threats-to-civil-aviation.aspx


ICAO and NEPAD to Enhance Cooperation in Aid of African Aviation Development

ICAO and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Planning and Coordinating Agency (NEPAD) have forged a new agreement to enhance the contribution of civil aviation to the social and economic development of the African Continent, and to promote related aviation infrastructure development and capacity building in aid of sustainable air transport for Africa and Africans.

The new ICAO/NEPAD Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will formalize and deepen the cooperation between these two organizations, contributing to the implementation of the Declaration and Framework for a Plan of Action for Development of Aviation Infrastructure in Africa, which was adopted at the fourth ICAO World Aviation Forum (Abuja, Nigeria in November 2017).

For more details, please visit: https://www.icao.int/Newsroom/Pages/ICAO-and-NEPAD-to-enhance-cooperation-in-aid-of-African-aviation-development-modernization-objectives.aspx


IATA - Global Standards, Collaboration and more are Key to Future of Ground Handling

IATA highlighted three key priorities for the ground handling industry to support the growing demand for air travel: harmonizing global standards to improve safety, improving collaboration between stakeholders, and developing talent.

"Effective ground operations are an essential part of the airline industry's efforts to meet the forecast growth in demand for air connectivity. In preparing for the future we need to focus on consistently implementing global standards, enhanced collaboration, and accelerating modernized processes," said Nick Careen, IATA's Vice President, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security, speaking at the 31st IATA Ground Handling Conference in Doha, Qatar.

For more details, please visit: http://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Pages/2018-04-23-01.aspx


IATA - Air Freight Growth Slows to 22-Month Low as Restocking Cycle Ends

IATA released data for global airfreight markets showing that demand, measured in freight tonne kilometres (FTKs), rose 1.7% in March 2018, compared to the same period the year before. This was five percentage points lower than the February result and the slowest pace of growth in 22 months.

The year-on-year increase in capacity, measured in available freight tonne kilometres (AFTK) fell to 4.4% compared to 6.3% in February. This was the first time in 20 months; however, that annual capacity rose faster than demand.

For more details, please visit: http://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Pages/2018-05-02-01.aspx



UNESCAP - New UN Report Calls for Asia-Pacific to meet SDGs by 2030

Countries in Asia and the Pacific have made inroads towards achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, but progress remains uneven across the region, according to a new report by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

Launched at the 74th Commission session (CS74), which opened in Bangkok, the Asia and the Pacific SDG Progress Report 2017 assesses how far the region has progressed in implementation of the SDGs, two years after the 17 world leaders adopted Goals in 2015. The Report shows that satisfactory progress has been made at the regional level towards eradicating poverty (Goal 1), promoting health and well-being (Goal 3), and achieving quality education for all (Goal 4).

Read more at: http://www.unescap.org/news/new-un-report-calls-asia-pacific-step-development-reform-efforts-meet-sustainable-development


UNFCCC - Business Demonstrates Action at Paris Agreement Progress Talks in Bonn

Organizers of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) taking place this September in San Francisco have provided new evidence of how cities, states, regions, businesses and investors are taking climate ambition to the next level. In this way, they are helping to build momentum for a successful outcome for the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland (COP24) at the end of the year.

Specifically, 11 new commitments from Mahindra, among India’s largest business houses, push the number of major global companies with science-based targets to over 400. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, will host the summit in San Francisco; the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, Michael Bloomberg; the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra; and the Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa.

Read more at: https://unfccc.int/news/business-demonstrates-bold-action-at-paris-agreement-progress-talks-in-bonn


UNFCCC - Developing Countries Showcase National Emission Reductions

In a fifth round of the so-called “facilitative sharing of views” (FSV), Chile and Singapore presented their achievements and challenges in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a special event during the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (30 April to 10 May).

This is the second time that both countries have presented their emission reduction actions as part of the FSV, demonstrating progress, lessons learned, as well as improvements in their reporting of emission reductions. Chile for example, highlighted the important lessons learned from its earlier participation to improve many aspects of the institutional arrangements needed for successful action and reporting.

Read more at: https://unfccc.int/news/developing-countries-showcase-national-emission-reductions


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