e-Flash No. 181 - 20 Aug 2018


FIATA now connects with members on social media

FIATA is now also present on social media. FIATA will use these platforms to give members around the globe in-time update on news, insights and best practices of the international logistics and freight forwarding industry as well as reports on FIATA events.

Please follow FIATA on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fiatainternati1?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fiata_federation/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXT_9BSjiD_2fxTadHKQ5A?view_as=subscriber

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fiata-international-federation-of-freight-forwarders-associations/


FIATA World Congress 2018 in Delhi, September

As India’s freight forwarders (under the aegis of the Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India, FFFAI, the apex body of 28 customs clearance and freight forwarders associations from across the country) prepare to host the FIATA World Congress 2018 (FWC-2018) in Delhi this September, the event is attracting worldwide attention.

Being able to host this event is a long-held wish come true for FFFAI.

 “The association had been ‘trying to organize this most important and prestigious international logistics event’ in India for the last couple of years,” said Debashis Dutta, Past Chairman, FFFAI and Chairman, FIATA World Congress 2018 Committee. 

For details please visit: http://www.aircargonews.com/0818/080318/FIATA-Gamechanger-Delhi.html .


CIFFA and ALACAT signed Memorandum of Understanding

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and the Federación de Asociaciones Nacionales de Agentes de Carga y Operadores Logísticos Internacionales de América Latina y el Caribe (ALACAT) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) in Singapore on July 17th 2018.

The MOU aims to foster understanding in both public and private sectors related to cargo transportation and logistics in the Caribbean, Latin American countries and Canada, and to offer the membership of both organizations benefit from mutual support and collaboration.

For details please visit: https://www.ciffa.com/ciffa-alacat-sign-memorandum-of-understanding/



Freight significance much greater of latest US-China tariff threat

The US imposed 25% import tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports arriving from 6 July with an additional $16bn of tariffs imminent but US officials are also considering raising the level of planned tariffs on a further $200 billion of Chinese import goods from to 25% as the trade dispute between the two countries escalates.

How manufacturers and their transport partners re-engineer supply chains to manage higher tariffs will be a complex process; but one certainty, according to analysis by logistics investment analyst Stifel, is that the impact on transport costs and logistics strategies will be inflationary and negative.

For details please visit: https://www.lloydsloadinglist.com/freight-directory/news/Freight-significance-much-greater-of-latest-US-China-tariff-threat/72532.htm#.W3F7m-j7Qow


Chinese Customs Applies New Regulations

New advanced manifest regulations are being applied by Chinese Customs since 1st Aug 2018. The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has been advised that as per China Customs 2018 no.60 regulation, and China Customs 2017 no. 76 regulation, that from the above date advanced manifests must be submitted for all sea and air shipments inbound/outbound/via China comprising the following information:

  1. Shipper’s company code, contact number, country code
  2. Consignee’s name, company code, attention of party, contact number, address, country code
  3. If consignee is “TO ORDER”, then it is required to provide company code and contact number of notify party
  4. It is recommended that the AEO code is provided, where applicable, which can accelerate process of customs

For details please visit: https://www.bifa.org/news/articles/2018/aug/chinese-customs-applies-new-regulations?l=y


UNCTAD's trade facilitation work boosted by new UK funding

In 2015, The United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD) joined forces with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) service and the World Customs Organization (WCO) to advance the implementation of the World Trade Organization's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). 

The United Kingdom is now tripling its funding for UNCTAD's work to help Commonwealth developing countries reap the benefits of a global deal on making trade flow smoothly.

For details please visit: http://unctad.org/en/pages/newsdetails.aspx?OriginalVersionID=1831&Sitemap_x0020_Taxonomy=UNCTAD%20Home;#510;#Trade%20Facilitation;#1721;#Transport


WCO Regional Workshop for the East South Africa on coordinated border management

The World Customs Organisation (WCO) has held a Regional Workshop for the East South Africa (ESA) region on “Coordinated Border Management with a special focus on One Stop Border Posts in Single Window Environments” from 23 to 27 July 2018.

The Single Window system is a trade facilitation measure, which enables international (cross-border) traders to submit regulatory documents at a single location and/or single entity.

The WCO ESA region has 22 Members, many of which have a long-standing experience of establishing One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs).  In addition, there have been many projects in recent years to build a Single Window environment.  At least one third of ESA Members are at various stages of Single Window implementation, whilst others have started feasibility studies on implementing a Single Window environment.

For details please visit: http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2018/august/the-wco-regional-workshop-for-the-east-south-africa-region.aspx



Asia-Europe: Weak demand threatens box recovery

Weak consumer confidence in the UK and sluggish retail demand in Germany have dragged down freight volumes between Asia and Europe during the first half of the year, despite a generally bright picture for demand elsewhere, according to a new report from Drewry.

The slowdown occurs as yet more ultra large tonnage is being deployed on the Asia-Europe trade. Westbound slots in July were up by 10% compared with last year’s figures. The Drewry report stated that Westbound spot rates were heading below the psychologically important barrier of $1,000 per 40ft container. Not only was this rate erosion causing spot prices to undercut annual contract rates, but it came at a time when lines were facing a sharp spike in fuel costs.

For details please visit: https://www.lloydsloadinglist.com/freight-directory/news/Weak-demand-threatens-box-recovery/72539.htm#.W3F8iuj7Qow


Asia-US: Peak season looking happier for carriers with transpacific freight rates set to rise

Reports said that Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI), which collates freight rates quoted for the week ahead from a group of carriers and customers, indicates that, as the peak shipping season gets under way, the trade between Asia and the US west coast will see rates rise 10.5%, to $2,074 per feu.

On the Asia-US east coast trade, spot rates rose 8.9% to reach $3,099 per feu, and analysts predict that carriers are set to enjoy a better peak season than in 2017 – at this point last year, spot rates had begun to decline.

For details please visit:



Freight Growth slowdown continues In June

IATA released data for global air freight markets showing that demand, measured in freight tonne kilometres (FTKs), rose by merely 2.7% in June 2018, compared to the same period the year before. This continues the slowdown in air cargo growth that began earlier in 2018. Growth for the first half of 2018 stands at 4.7%, less than half the growth rate in 2017.

Freight capacity, measured in available freight tonne kilometers (AFTKs), rose by 4.1% in June 2018. Capacity growth has now outstripped demand growth in every month since March.

For details please visit: https://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Pages/2018-08-08-01.aspx


ICAO: Americas and Caribbean Aviation Security Roadmap endorsed

Stressing that it will align respective national and regional programmes and targets with ICAO’s new Global Aviation Security Plan (GASeP), ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu is welcoming the recent endorsement of an Aviation Security Roadmap for the UN specialized agency’s North American, Central American, Caribbean (NACC) and South American (SAM) Regions.

The ICAO Regional Aviation Security Conference, hosted by Panama, was opened by Secretary General Liu and Mr. Carlos Rubio, Minister of Government, who was acting on behalf of the President of Panama. Panama’s Minister for Public Security, Mr. Alexis Bethancourt, also participated in the programme.

For details please visit:




UNCTAD: "Let's make Africa a digital Africa," Jack Ma tells young entrepreneurs

A day-long e-commerce and technology event organized by UNCTAD and Alibaba at South Africa’s Wits University on 8 August gave young tech entrepreneurs in Africa a chance to share experiences and get inspired. The event featured an announcement by Jack Ma, co-founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, of a $10 million prize fund for African internet entrepreneurs, to be known as the African Netpreneur Prize. For details please visit: http://unctad.org/en/pages/newsdetails.aspx?OriginalVersionID=1833&Sitemap_x0020_Taxonomy=UNCTAD%20Home;#2221;#Youth%20eFounders%20Initiative;#2147;#Youth%20Network


UNECA promotes use of disruptive technology to enhance financial inclusion in Africa

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) is collaborating with the International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Ant Financial (Ant) to promote digital financial inclusion in Africa, through investment and technical capacity building.

On Friday 3 August 2018, UNECA Executive Secretary, Vera Songwe, led Ant Financial’s CEO, Eric Jing, and IFC’s VP and Treasurer, Jingdong Hua, to a meeting with President Mulatu Teshome of Ethiopia.

For details please visit:



Blockchain: Maersk, IBM say 94 organizations have joined blockchain trade platform

Shipping group Maersk (MAERSKb.CO) announced that 94 companies and organizations have so far joined a blockchain platform developed with IBM (IBM.N) aimed at boosting efficiency and limiting the enormous paper trail of global container shipping.

The industry has seen little innovation since the container was invented in the 1950s, and cross-border trade still leaves an enormous trail of paperwork and bureaucracy.

For details please visit: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-shipping-blockchain-maersk-ibm/maersk-ibm-say-94-organizations-have-joined-blockchain-trade-platform-idUSKBN1KU1LM



Greek freight carriers eye for domestic rail network

Freight transport by rail is the least developed sector of the Greek rail market, with revenue not surpassing more than 20 percent of the total. According to the internet information service Railway Applications Section (RAS), of the Greek rail sector’s revenues of 62 million euros in 2016, only 12 million is related to freight.

This situation is due largely to the country’s focus on developing road-based passenger and freight transport. Indeed, until recently, the country’s largest port, Piraeus, had no rail connection. The already long existing line to the port of Thessaloniki needs a major upgrade.

For details please visit: http://www.ekathimerini.com/231681/article/ekathimerini/business/freight-carriers-eye-domestic-rail-network



ADB to provide USD 80 billion for Climate Action in Asia-Pacific Region

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has pledged to provide $80 billion in climate financing to South Asia and the Pacific over the next decade under its new Strategy 2030. Due to the disastrous impacts of climate change, countries in Asia and the Pacific are at the highest risk of plummeting into deeper poverty if mitigation and adaptation efforts are not quickly and strongly implemented.

The ADB intends to ensure that 75% of the number of its committed operations will be supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation by 2030, thus aligning its aspirations with major global commitments such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, the Financing for Development agenda, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

For details please visit: https://unfccc.int/news/adb-to-provide-usd-80-billion-for-climate-action-in-asia-pacific-region


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