FIATA has created several documents and forms to establish a uniform standard for use by freight forwarders worldwide. The documents are easily distinguishable as each has a distinctive colour and carries the FIATA logo which can be seen at the head of this page.

  • FIATA FCR (Forwarders Certificate of Receipt)

  • FIATA FCT (Forwarders Certificate of Transport)

  • FWR (FIATA Warehouse Receipt)

  • FBL (negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading)

  • FWB (non-negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Waybill)

  • FIATA SDT (Shippers Declaration for the Transport of Dangerous Goods)

  • FIATA SIC (Shippers Intermodal Weight Certificate)

  • FFI (FIATA Forwarding Instructions)

FIATA documents have an excellent reputation and are recognised as documents of tradition and trust. They have greatly contributed in the past to the facilitation of international exchanges and will continue in the future to be valuable instruments in the service of world trade.


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