Advisory Body on Information Technology (ABIT)

With the digital economy growing ever more important and constant adoption of technology throughout the logistics and freight forwarding industry, there comes demand for FIATA to establish an Advisory Body of Information Technology (ABIT)

The ABIT is tasked with working closely with UN/CEFACT, ISO and other technology standard setting organizations to ensure that technology used throughout the logistics industry is taken into consideration when new standards are proposed and implemented. ABIT is also involved in the projects undertaken by the UN/CEFACT’s Transport & Logistics Domain (T&L D) and the International Trade Procedures Domain (ITPD).

The membership comprises of technical experts with sound understanding of standard setting processes. The members have been working with technical standard setting institutions and have developed key contacts that will ensure FIATA’s recommendations are taken into consideration.

The Advisory Body Information Technology meets twice a year at the FIATA HQ Session in Zurich and at the Annual FIATA World Congress. Its members represent FIATA at many international conferences and events speaking on behalf of its membership.

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