Advisory Body on International Affairs

The Advisory Body on International Affairs (ABIA) aims to establish and strengthen FIATA’s relations with international organizations and multilateral institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and key NGOs, directly or indirectly connected with international trade and the logistics industry. ABIA seeks to increase FIATA’s visibility on the global canvas.

ABIA works horizontally with other FIATA advisory bodies and institutes, also with the aim to assist in their work with specific international organizations related to their fields. ABIA's members include individuals from the FIATA presidency and extended board, and are from across the world. This diverse membership ensures that a wide spread of view points are considered and the discussions are balanced. The members have broad knowledge of the industry and are well acquainted with its issues.

Members of ABIA speak on behalf of FIATA at various industry meetings and conferences. They are strong representatives across different  countries  and work with regulatory agents, governmental committees and working groups.

ABIA meets twice a year at the HQ Meeting in March and FIATA World Congress in September/October. 


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