Advisory Body on Safety and Security

Safety and security affects everyone every day. The impact on business is even more pronounced and affects every part of work, from travel to environment, and especially so to freight forwarders as cargo is moved around the world. To this extent, it is imperative that FIATA as a global organization embraces the requirements of security within its various institutes.

During the 2009 HQ Meeting, reflecting the importance of security in today’s world, the ad hoc working group security was transformed into the Advisory Body  on Security Matters. In 2013, the advisory body was given responsibility for reporting on dangerous goods matters and was rebranded as Advisory Body on Safety and Security (ABSS) to reflect this.

ABSS supports the various FIATA institutes with up to date information on the very many international rules and regulations pertaining to security and safety governing the freight forwarding industry, as it impacts on aspects including airfreight, ocean freight, multimodal transport, and dangerous goods handling and training.  

ABSS is made up of persons within the freight forwarding industry from America, Asia and Europe to cover the global impact security has on the industry. In addition, the members in their own rights have involvement in other security and dangerous goods groups. Thus, ABSS is enabled to serve as an interface between various organizations related to and working with FIATA members.  

ABSS is an advisory body only and therefore is not involved in policy making. Institutes within FIATA, such as the Multimodal Transport Institute or the Airfreight Institute, may and do ask for ABSS's advice and support in their deliberations.

ABSS meets twice a year at the HQ Meeting in March and FIATA World Congress in September/October. 

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