Airfreight Institute (AFI)

For over four decades the Air Freight Institute (AFI) has actively pursued its mandate to define, craft and promote the role of the forwarder in international air cargo.

To further its mission the Air Freight Institute has developed ongoing relationships with an exceptional number of stakeholders in the air transport industry, beginning with FIATA’s own national forwarding association members, but inclusive of a wide spectrum of others ranging from non-governmental organizations, special interest groups, government bodies, regulators, carriers, shippers, consignors, customs groups, legal specialists, cargo risk underwriters and technology providers.

AFI’s success is due in large part to its proactive posture on issues which may impact on the international forwarding community, and its reputation within the global transport industry as the “group to go to” for consultation and action on air cargo issues.

AFI has demonstrated a tradition of delivering reasoned and reasonable approaches and solutions to industry challenges and issues. It acts as both a driver and a conciliator, to find workable resolutions which benefit all parties in the logistics chain.

The Airfreight Institute has structured itself internally to insure its ability to act immediately on issues whether proposed or pressing. Its Chairman directs a core group of volunteers, active forwarders from a mix of geographical regions, including “local hero’s” to large multinationals. They bring the experience, knowledge and expertise that only hands-on professionals can. The core group is supported by a working group, including a more diverse range of active forwarders as well as national association members, legal and technical specialists. Members of FIATA are encouraged to submit nominations of practicing forwarders interested in becoming involved in AFI, to the Air Freight Institute Chairman.

AFI’s areas of focus include (inter alia):

  • Leadership (by maintaining close relationship with international organizations such as, IATA, CNS, ATA, ICAO, ECAC, ICC, UN-ESCAP, UN-ECE, WCO, WTO and OECD);
  • Security (by taking a leading role in informing and assisting members regarding the various national government security programs and IACO/IATA recommendations);
  • For questions related to air cargo training, for example dangerous goods or cargo introductory courses, please contact the FIATA Secretariat, Mr Daniel Bloch, Manager Airfreight Institute

AFI meets twice a year at the March Head Quarters Session in Zurich and at the September World Congress. As well AFI publishes its annual report in August of each year.

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