The primary target of the Regional Meetings is to bring forward the regional issues, and if necessary submit them to the Institutes and technical bodies of FIATA. The intention being to identify and assist regional members in solving their local industry problems. Another important objective is to gain synergies between the member countries of the region and to import and export these benefits to other associations. The Regional Bodies meet normally twice a year at the HQ Session in Zurich and at the annual FIATA World Congress. Regional field meetings may be held, if necessary, between the HQ Session and the World Congress.

It is the target of the Regional Bodies to be more active in the different Advisory Bodies, Institutes and Working Groups of FIATA and all interested parties are invited to e-mail their interest to the chairman or manager of the relevant Regional Body. In countries where no national association exists, all individual members are requested to form a national association. FIATA would be happy to assist whenever help is needed. Future targets of the Regional Bodies are to gain more individual members in all countries, only with more national associations and more individual members, the Regional Bodies will become strong and will have a reputable voice within FIATA.

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